Exploristics launched their new version of the proprietary software Kerus Cloud 2 end of April

Exploristics is an established, fast growing enabling technology company providing world-class analytics and specialised software products for clinical-stage life science organisations.

Their experienced statisticians and programmers develop intellectual property and assets to support the design and analysis of clinical trials, precision medicine and real-world data analytics.

They address the emerging analytics needs of the Industry with their biostatistics services, bespoke algorithms and unique, state of the art, proprietary, cloud-based trial simulation software KerusCloud 2.

KerusCloud 2 aids the design and analysis of smart clinical studies, based on their industry-leading computer simulation capabilities offering a fast cost-effective in silico solution to the design and analysis of clinical studies.
Their success is not only due to the experts they employ in the field but also the impact of technical and scientific support they provide to their clients at all stages of clinical development.

They have a track record of delivering dynamic and innovative analytics solutions to global pharmaceutical companies as well as small, specialist biotechnology companies.

Their flagship simulation platform KerusCloud 2 has enabled their customers to achieve real world success by transforming their clinical development plans.

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