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Are you a Ukrainian business, or a Ukrainian refugee with products or services you can sell to UK companies?

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Our business is supporting Ukrainian businesses (and Ukrainian refugees) by providing these businesses with free promotion and marketing through GIANT Health network.

BACKGROUND: I am the CEO of GIANT Health Events. We are a global community of about 250,000 technology and innovation professionals working in the healthcare sector. We serve "Everyone whose business is healthcare, technology, and innovation".

Our business successfully convenes: We match buyers and sellers in the health sector. And of course, our community of buyers are also businesses who buy general technologies (unrelated to the health sector they work in).

We run our annual flagship event GIANT Health 2022,

"The UK's largest, most valuable annual festival of health-tech innovation" -  Financial Times.

We are going to use our platform to champion and support Ukrainian technology companies and Ukrainian refugees working in tech who are looking for customers.

Here is how it will work. In the run-up to the event and during the event itself, we will champion Ukrainian tech companies on social media, website, and weekly email newsletter. Showcasing numerous 4-minute video presentations of these companies and their offers. We will promote to our European community, of over 85,000 businesses, these Ukrainian companies who may have products or services that they could sell to our community.

In addition, we are happy to showcase your solutions on our website. It's free of charge advertising opportunity for Ukrainian tech companies.

Moreover, we offer a 50% discount to Ukrainian companies on all exhibition/sponsorship packages as well as complimentary tickets to attend the event in London as our guests.



Format4Life is a virtual assistant for personalzied medicine and disease treatment.

Format4Life is a SaaS to help healthcare providers easily find personalised treatment for each patient via web-application empowered by in-house developed expert system

We are the early-stage health-tech startup from Ukraine and we are looking for partners and support.
We would love to present our project on virtual platform and get connected further, if it is possible.

Maryna Korshevniuk


DeHealth is a medtech company that redefines medicine with an emphasis on efficiency in the delivery of medical services, secure storage of personal data, and optimizing the time and financial costs of patients.

The company has developed a special platform where each user has access to their medical records, telemedicine services and convenient functionality to make an appointment with a doctor.
Medical data is the most important patient asset in healthcare.

Over 34,000 doctors and 3,100,000+ patients from around the world trust the DeHealth digital ecosystem for healthcare.

- Product:

Telegram URL:
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Medium URL:

Denys Tsvaig

LLC "Innovation in medicine"

Oranta-AO - Software complex for new application blood pressure monitor.
Oranta-AO - analysis of pulsations during blood pressure measurement.
EXPRESS diagnostics allows to investigate:
-The level of health and adaptive сapabilities of the body
-Central and peripheral circulation
-Autonomic nervous system
-Risks of heart, lung, mental and COVID-19 diseases, 85-97% accuracy
Oranta-AO technology can be applied in all accepted areas of use of blood pressure monitors

Dmytro Vakulenko


Our company is focused on creating multiple digital health software and hardware solutions for clients all over the world.
But for this purpose specifically, we'd like to showcase our telemedicine platform created to help Ukrainians so they can receive medical consultations online.
The platform is fully sponsored by our company, all consultations are free of charge. More details are on the website Promotion or any other help is highly appreciated.
P.S. For the video I've attached a link to our monthly digital health digest where we talk about Doctors4ua platform in the very beginning but if you accept our company we are ready to create a promotion video for the platform specifically. Please let me know.

Alex Koshykov


“The Global electronic database of clinical cases simulation scenarios "ClinCaseQuest"”
is a simulation training platform for undergraduate and postgraduate medical education, which provides practical training for doctors, paramedics, students in a virtual simulators of clinical cases. This allows to mastery of decision-making algorithms, to gain clinical experience in a virtual environment safe for patients, which can reduce medical errors in the world.

The simulation training platform includes simulators of practical skills and clinical cases, interactive practical training simulators, and interactive simulators of clinical cases, which are created using proprietary technology of cognitive "branching", which allows medical professionals to reduce the gap between theoretical knowledge in practice skills, mastery decision-making process based on the international clinical recommendations, evidence-based medicine data on a particular nosology, and in case of a medical error - receive an opportunity to correct it.
Simulation training platform with virtual patients to receive clinical experience by the doctor in a safe patients environment helps:
- To reduce a years for the doctor to gain clinical experience
- To reduce the number of medical errors in the world
- To save patients' lives

The platform works 24/7, which allows health professionals to have access to high-quality educational content and practice practical skills a whole day at a time convenient to them, as well as to return to training materials if necessary.

The platform creates a unique learning environment for the professional growth of doctors, improves the quality of practical training and communication of doctors through the internal social network of the platform.

Nataliia Lopina

Zubok CRM

SaaS for dentists and their patients

Yurii Panurov

NIX United

NIX United is a global software engineering company with a head office in the USA and R&D centers in Ukraine and Hungary. Those centers comprise more than 2500 engineers with comprehensive expertise across multiple business verticals, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, banking, education, and eCommerce, to name a few. We've provided top-of-the-line solutions to global enterprises and tech companies since 1994, extending their capabilities and contributing to their full-scale digital transformation through software development, analytics, data science, machine learning, and business automation. As a result, NIX United has earned a reputation as a reliable partner of world-renowned companies such as intelligent information provider Thomson Reuters, educational tech giant Cengage, and computer hardware manufacturer Alienware corporation.

Nataliya Tkachenko

VanOnGo Eastern Europe OÜ

Vanongo is a digital platform that allows enterprises to deliver their goods at the most convenient time and place for their end customers. Having such a level of experience allows making up&cross-sales towards the growth of revenue. We operate on 5 markets and manage thousands of urban deliveries daily. Among our clients are big ecomm & online grossery.

Viacheslav Levchenko


Computools is a full-service software development company that designs solutions to help companies meet the needs of tomorrow. Our clients represent a wide range of industries, including retail, finance, healthcare, consumer service and more.

Dariia Nestertsova


Custom software development and IT consulting.

Dimitri Jim Riznyk

Health Helper

We offer complex system with device, program-algorithm and mobile application for measuring blood flow in vessels.

Helena Sergienko


According to the International Diabetes Federation, over 463 million people are living with diabetes globally and this number is growing at an alarming rate. At least 2.3 million people struggling with diabetes in Ukraine. About 30% of these people will develop some form of retinopathy causing reduced vision or blindness. The World Health Organization defines diabetic retinopathy as the leading cause of blindness in the working age population in most countries. However, early diagnosis and timely treatment of diabetic retinopathy can prevent sight impairment and blindness. Interventions that are both cost-saving and feasible include screening and treatment for retinopathy.
CheckEye has developed a cloud-based solution to detect diabetic retinopathy using photographic images of eye fundus through the ML\AI algorithm. Photographs can be taken anywhere – from optic retailers to pharmacies – by non-medical staff to be further uploaded to the system for diagnosis. CheckEye will make early detection and prevention of diabetic retinopathy easily accessible for all.

Kirill Goncharuk

International Club of Healthy Sleeping

ABD-Healthy Sleeping is an innovative technique that allows to prolong human life by an average of 20 years and significantly improve its quality.
The technique allows without surgery, without any interference in the human body and without medication to:
* cure snoring at any age
* get rid of pain in the temporomandibular joint
* cure early sedentary death syndrome
* cure chronic ENT diseases
There are no analogues in the world, only the use of individual components of the methodology, which do not cover all cases and do not give such a high percentage of success.
Duration of treatment – is about 3 months, requires only 4 visits to the clinic, everything else is done online.
This is @ dr.OlhaKozyk author technology, which was presented to the world scientific community in 2018 at the Global Competition of Young Scientists and was recognized as the best method, winning first place alone.

Olha Kozyk

ITEXE | Interlocking cybersecurity

1. Technical & Penetration Testing (Simulate a cyberattack to find and fix weaknesses):
1.2 IT infrastructure
1.3 Websites (Website Security Audit)
1.3 Mobile applications (front, middle, backend)
1.4 Vulnerability scanning (Advance your vulnerability management program)

2. Infosec Audits and Regulatory Compliance (Meeting the standards avoids fines, saves money, and offers peace of mind):
2.1. ISO 27001
2.2. GDPR
2.3. PCI DSS
2.4. HIPAA

3. vCISO (Virtual CISO is a service designed to make top-tier security experts available to organizations who need security expertise and guidance):
3.1. Development and support of information security policy according to standards and best international practices.
3.2. We help to describe the processes and policies in the field of information security
3.3. Implementation of recommendations after audits for compliance with standards
3.4. Create or update ISMS

4. Gap Analysis & Cybersecurity Risk Assessments (Figure out where you are most and least secure)

Artem Mukosii

AI Pro.Sport

AI Pro.Sport - a smart fitness platform for coaches which performs technique correction for their clients by AI-driven online feedback. The coaches can create their smart virtual fitness studio (with the workout for a group) by using our service. AI creates live feedback of their client's performance estimation during either live classes, recorded programs, or just assigned tasks. CRM and smart cabinet give the opportunity to run easily their business online, monetization system - to earn more and analytics - provide more quality service to their client in the group or private workouts.

Anna Stepura

Radioprom LRMT

We are SME R&D company based in Kharkiv, Ukraine. We provide AI assisted solutions for X-ray medical diagnostics. Would like to present three of our recent developments.
i) Combo system for CT mammography - aimed at enhancing tumor detection rate, reducing the number of false positive diagnoses, increase reliability of breast cancer identification and enable full scale mammary gland screening and diagnostics in one visit. System to be able to perform high resolution ultra-low dose 3D tomosynthesis of a compressed gland. Then for the region of interest movable X-ray source-detector unit to acquire conventional 3D computed tomography target image of a suspicious volume in a decompressed gland.
ii) Whole-body general radiography circular tomosynthesis machine with spatial resolution of 10 lpm
iii) combined digital X-ray – IR spectroscopy setup for early stages detection of breast cancer neoplasms with reliable ML assisted identification of malignancies

Volodymyr Berest

V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University

Training and research on the application of AI in medical physics, medical device development, and medical image processing

Konstantin Nemchenko

Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture

Education and scientific activity of specialists of different levels of education to professional activity in the field of physical culture and sports

Vyacheslav Zhuk