Health Foundry collaborated with talkhealth, one of the leading online health communities, in producing a tailored “mywellbeing” support programme

Over the past few months, Health Foundry has been very busy, despite not being in our
co-working space!

They’ve been working hard to provide weekly Lunch and Learn webinars
on a range of topics from grant funding to accelerator programme opportunities to how to tell
your startup’s story.

They’ve been supporting connections between members by hosting
virtual coffee trials, and they’ve also collaborated with talkhealth, one of the leading online
health communities, in producing a tailored “mywellbeing” support programme for their

They have recently partnered up with the NHS Innovation Service to introduce them
to their early-stage startups with the goal of helping both parties work together to understand
the pathway to the successful adoption of new innovations in the NHS, and facilitate more
consistent and streamlined support along that pathway.

Health Foundry is also looking towards the future of healthtech and what role they as an
innovation hub can play. They would like to use our physical workspace to facilitate and
immerse our startups and entrepreneurs in reflecting and constructing the collective visions
for the future of health. Digitally, they’re aiming to support their long-time members, Health
Beyond The Fog, in their online event surrounding “Rethinking Healthcare in a technology
enabled 21st Century”.

Andy Wilkins and Richard Gold will explore the potential of new
advances in the tools and treatments needed to address underlying causes of ill health and
present a longer term vision of what health and care could look like in 10-15 years.

Many of Health Foundry’s members have been supporting the fight against COVID-19.

The impact that COVID-19 has had on society is unprecedented. The uncertainty faced by all
areas of business has placed huge pressures on society, not to mention an immense
demand on the NHS. They’re incredibly proud of the work that their members and the wider
healthtech community does, but they wanted to shout about how some of their members are
helping during the current climate.

For example, DrDoctor has been working hard to create
their COVID-19 toolkit, which includes a broadcast messaging system and a video
consultation software.

Welldoing therapists are offering free sessions to NHS workers
during the COVID-19 crisis. Welldoing are aware that NHS staff are dealing with an
increasingly critical situation, and as a result, may need support with their mental health.

ZOE has created a COVID19 Symptom Tracker app that is being used to study the
symptoms of the virus and how it spreads. The app is free to download and use, and looks
set to be a great contribution in helping to advance vital research.

They are really proud of everything that they and their members have been doing over the past
few months, and remember, you can follow what they get up to on Twitter and LinkedIn

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