The Health Revolution Congress

The Health Revolution Congress, organized by Barcelona Health Hub, is the largest European Summit in Digital Health, where global startups & stakeholders join forces in Barcelona on May 17th 2023.

Healthcare systems worldwide are crumbling under pressure. A lack of physicians, a growing need for assistance and struggles to navigate through new technologies are global challenges. Digital health is here to provide solutions and to support a better future.

In the world of digital health, Barcelona takes the center stage. The city not only hosts the Health Revolution Congress, but it is also a hub of digital innovation where global emerging companies, pharma headquarters, investors and innovative hospitals meet to provide solutions to today’s healthcare challenges.
The Health Revolution Congress provides you inside knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, new tendencies and future solutions. Let’s explore today’s digital health solutions for tomorrow’s health – it’s time for action.Come to Barcelona on May 17th, enjoy the city and join the Health Revolution Congress, organized by Barcelona Health Hub. Let’s connect at the biggest European event in digital health. Be part of the revolution!

Check it out here:

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