Cromwell Hospital and Vinehealth partner to personalise cancer patient care at home

Cromwell Hospital and Vinehealth partner to personalise cancer patient care at home


Vinehealth, the leading digital cancer support platform, and Cromwell Hospital, part of Bupa, have partnered to extend the personalised care that patients receive during clinic visits to their day-to-day lives. This new partnership follows a successful pilot of Vinehealth at the Cromwell Hospital Breast Clinic

Patients attending the Cromwell Hospital, a leading London hospital renowned for being the first

to invest in leading-edge equipment and cancer services will be invited to use the Vinehealth cancer companion app on their smartphones to track and manage medications, appointments, symptoms, and how they are feeling, between clinic visits. 

The partnership follows a successful pilot with the hospital’s The Breast Clinic led by its director and oncoplastic breast surgeon Giles Davies.

Giles Davies, Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon and Director of Breast Surgery at Cromwell Hospital said:
‘At Cromwell Hospital, we are always looking for ways in which we can improve the care we’re offering our patients during their cancer treatment. We know how difficult this time is for them, so it is important we’re taking steps to support them even when they’re at home. 

We are pleased to partner with Vinehealth cancer companion app as it offers our patients the opportunity to feel closer to their care team and clinicians when they’re not in the hospital. It also allows us to monitor their symptoms and offer help when needed. It’s a hugely valuable tool for us and we hope patients will benefit from the partnership.’

Personalised, digital cancer support at home

The partnership with Vinehealth, which will initially focus on breast, head and neck, colorectal, and hepatobiliary cancers, uses innovative digital health technology to deliver high-quality, personalised care that empowers cancer patients to self-manage, feel more in control and more connected to their cancer care team throughout their treatment. Oncologists and nurses at the Cromwell Hospital will be able to view, via the VinehealthPRO clinician dashboard, how their patients are doing between appointments, in real-time. Clinicians can get in touch with patients remotely to offer support and guidance to them.


Using the Vinehealth app, cancer patients can easily track, manage, and understand their symptoms and medications and the lifestyle factors that could impact their condition. Patients also record how they are feeling and any symptoms they are experiencing day to day. Patients are also encouraged to complete objective, clinically validated electronic Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (ePROMs) questionnaires providing insight into a patient’s lived experience during their cancer treatment. 

The clinical teams at the Cromwell Hospital can see patient-reported data such as symptoms, medication adherence, and ePROMs via the VinehealthPRO clinical dashboard. Clinicians can remotely intervene to provide guidance to patients where needed, for instance, to help manage pain, tailor an exercise programme, and provide support for mental health and wellbeing. 

Rayna Patel, CEO & Co-Founder Vinehealth said:

‘Vinehealth is absolutely delighted to be extending our partnership with Cromwell Hospital, whose goals are so closely aligned with our own. We are passionate about the opportunity for personalised digital healthcare to improve the lives of people with cancer. We’re excited to see that the impressive results and benefits that Vinehealth achieved working with The Breast Clinic will now be available to patients’ undergoing treatment through three additional cancer pathways: head and neck, colorectal, and hepatobiliary. We are absolutely delighted to be extending and cementing a wider partnership with Cromwell Hospital.’




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About Vinehealth: 

Vinehealth is on a mission to use thoughtful technology to help people through complex cancer treatment. Vinehealth is a digital platform that leverages data science and behavioural science to optimise oncology patient outcomes. The Vinehealth mobile app allows patients to track, understand and enhance their care, supporting them to feel in control and better self-manage, as well as to communicate crucial information back to their care team. Through this, the platform generates rich real-world data to represent the voice of patients in healthcare delivery and drug development.


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About Cromwell Hospital:

Cromwell Hospital was established in 1981 and acquired by Bupa, leading international

healthcare group, in March 2008. It is a leading London hospital renowned for being the first

to invest in some of the UK’s leading edge equipment and cancer services.


Based in West London, the hospital has over 500 accredited consultants, mainly drawn from

London’s teaching hospitals, covering over 70 specialties. It is recognised as a centre of

excellence for oncology, cardiology, paediatrics, orthopaedics, lung, complex surgery and

medicine. Cromwell Hospital’s diagnostics service offers the very latest technology. There

are two ambient MRI scanners and the angiography suite offers the most up-to-date imaging

available in London. Consultants use the latest surgical techniques and have access to

advanced non-invasive technologies, such as Gamma Knife surgery and robot-assisted joint

replacement surgery. Outpatient services include private GPs, health screening and family

medicine services.

The hospital has 120 beds and boasts a large and loyal UK and international clientele,

admitting self-pay, embassy sponsored patients and those funded by medical insurance.

Cromwell Hospital constantly strives to provide a first class service to its patients through the

use of state-of-the-art technology, innovative diagnostics and a continuous investment



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About The Breast Clinic:

Comprising a team of the leading surgeons and oncologists in the UK we treat patients from all around the world. We look at the whole person, not a condition. We are passionate about patient experience and triggers for poor health including lifestyle factors, nutrition, stress and exercise.Our sole focus is to provide world class cancer care tailored to the individual patient, and treat our patients with dignity and respect and offer them the best choices for their care.    Welcome to integrated healthcare for women.


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