Health Insurance in the digital age: Vision 2020

Health costs money: we’re all living longer, exposed to greater risk and living in populations that are growing faster than economies. So how will we pay for our healthcare needs?

For the first time at GIANT, we gather together a group of best in class insurance experts to explore the intersection between Healthcare and the evolution of Insurance business models. This track is an opportunity to explore alternative health care assurance solutions in the new digital world.

The purpose of the Health Insurance session is to; chart the evolution of European private and public health insurance business models, discuss the recipes and challenges in funding today’s and tomorrow's insurance requirements and showcase the partnerships and collaboration involved. We will discuss how our current technological advances and innovations could be augmented to deliver a long-term care environment that will meet our future needs.

What will the long term healthcare experience look like in 2025? Come join us to hear from international experts and share your thoughts! Together we can shape health financial protection for all of us.

Session 1: Conventional Insurers will increasingly connect with third sector companies to provide a more integrated and relevant beneficiary health care proposition.
Session 2: Start-Ups of today are solutions to Health Insurance frictions and barriers
; and to augment health care assurance delivery at large.

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