Taboo! Tech for Sex, Death and Rock’n'Roll

What makes something taboo! vs mainstream? This year GIANT is exploring the 'Taboo' subject of Tech for Sex, Death and Rock'n'Roll in a half day conference track on 15th October.

Business has steered away from controversial and the less savoury
side of health. However, many recent successes have proved that there is a powerful market in addressing overlooked and underserved needs. This track is about shedding light on vast opportunities to create value where others dare not tread.


We’ll be exploring SexTech (including sexual wellbeing, sexual health and the future of FemTech), tech to support life-limiting conditions and death. We also look into some of the interventions, such as music, which are helping people deal with the decline of
ageing, neurodiversity and mental health.

Sextech, despite being historically taboo, is becoming one of the
fastest growing industry segments today. Driven by the change in consumer perception and the rise in innovative research on matters of sexual health, we are now starting to acknowledge the potential of technology to better understand, treat and enhance sexuality. From the sexual education
we never received at school to pelvic floor trainers, tech for sex has the core mission to make everyone’s lives healthier and happier.


Death is an experience we all share, cannot avoid, yet don’t want to discuss? How can we design
solution to serve this need if we cannot even talk about it. We will be having a proper conversation about the role of tech, clinical and ethical standards, acceptance and achieving a dying we can get our heads around. Who knew, death can be good.


Great philosophers across the ages have espoused the power of music on human life; “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” - Plato; “Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, is all my brain and body needs” - Ian Dury. We are finally
it has a greater potential to heal than we thought. Just don’t get a lift home with a drummer!

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