Peezy Midstream is the only urine collection method that meets Public Health England’s UK Standards for Microbiology Investigation of Urine.

Peezy Midstream transforms essential urine screening for routine and prenatal medicine, delivering accuracy and right-first-time prescribing. See how and why in pictures, using our new infographic.

Urine is one of the most important carriers of cancer biomarkers, bacteria, protein, glucose and more, all of which can raise the alarm to serious illness. If left undiagnosed these conditions can become difficult and costly to treat.

Traditional urine collection means that one in four samples are contaminated, preventing early diagnoses, creating worse conditions and even costly unplanned hospital admissions … £$ millions are being literally flushed away. Contamination can also deliver false-positive dipstick results, leading to over prescribing of antibiotics.

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