120 GP practices deploy X-on telephony tools

Practices across Stockport and North Central London CCG have deployed X-on’s telephony solution, Surgery Connect.

The company has announced the completion of the two deployments, spanning 120 GP practices across the areas, delivering its cloud-based system. It means practices can access multiple telephone lines, manage call queues, report on trends and call volumes, tailor messages, and utilise call centre support during busy periods.

X-on now cites an estimated 11.2 million patients are served by 1,170 practices in England and Wales using its tools.

Hardip Kahlon, Senior Programme Manager at North Central London CCG, said: “The technology has made day-to-day practice management easier, and also for doctors when they want to dial out to contact a patient as they no longer have to work around a limited number of phone lines. Patients are benefiting too as they no longer experience an engaged line when trying to book a call at a busy time for the practice, but can retain their place in the queue by getting a call back for an appointment.”

Paul Bensley, Chief Executive Officer at X-on, added: “In the last twenty months primary care has faced its own particular challenges in meeting the healthcare needs of patients, requiring it to be highly adaptable and versatile.

“Implementing a cloud-based telephony system that draws on innovative, contemporary technology is an essential component in providing a modern, flexible, multi-function platform that enables patients and practices to communicate quickly and effortlessly.”

In August, HTN welcomed X-on for our first Digital Primary Care conference. The company held a session to discuss how to support GP surgeries with call demand. The talk focused on how cloud telephony can support primary care providers with managing call demand, as well as remote consultations and other services. You can watch the session back here.

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