Is it your business to dramatically improve health and care?

Is it your business to dramatically improve Health & Care?

GIANT’s vision is to improve the health & wellbeing of people around the world by promoting healthcare innovation and supporting Healthtech entrepreneurs.
GIANT Health’s flagship event is back for its 4th year, bringing you inspiring speakers and companies, deploying technologies to address the BIG health and care problems for a diverse, increasing and ageing population.
Join us for 2 days, packed with world-class thought-leaders, deep dives in the latest technologies and practical business-building support. We are CPD certified, with ticket pricing to welcome NHS health practitioners and start-ups.
It’s not just Innovation, but impact we strive for. We care that you make progress towards your goals to make healthcare better.

Here are some of the topics we’ll be exploring at #GIANThealth19

The great showcase of how technology may shape health outcomes

The main stage at GIANT Health will showcase recent breakthrough successes, emerging technologies that make new solutions possible and the great visionaries of the sector.

Day 1 celebrates the change makers, embraces the health practitioners and discusses how health touchpoints may evolve over the next decade.

Day 2 discusses the roles and responsibilities for individual and population health as well as the implications for data management. With all our advances, large segments are missing out. How can technology extend healthcare accessibility to achieve better outcomes for all?

GIANT deep dives are a great way to get under the skin of newer technologies and healthcare problem areas through the companies that are actually deploying them within healthcare. Engage further in the expo and demo areas. Here are a few topics we’ll be delving into:

Immersive Tech for health: virtually all you need to know

Why is "Immersive tech" a hot topic in healthcare? VR together with AR and AI is set to transform healthcare training, education, and patient care globally. We'll give you a unique insight and understanding into the exciting future of healthcare and medicine.

Wearables and beyond

What applications are making a real difference to people? We will explore a raft of new innovations and approaches to using the rich array of information emanating from the dynamic human, the transmission and processing of this sensitive and valuable stream of data.

Health Information systems 4.0: New Business models

Moving into 2020, hospitals and health systems continue to face many challenges implementing, maintaining and upgrading their Electronic Health Record. Meanwhile, outside the hospital, the patient is becoming a medical consumer. Patients want to be more engaged & demand data protection. This fragmented scenario is calling for urgent answers from the market leaders and innovators.

Join us to hear how tech leaders and innovators are tackling the main issues of Health Information Systems: Interoperability & Portability, Privacy & Safety, Usability & Better Outcomes.

Cell and Gene therapies: The cures patients can’t get

We’ll delve into the current state of Advanced Therapies (new medical products that use gene therapy, cell therapy and tissue engineering to treat disease or injuries) as well as the challenges the industry faces in bringing these life-saving treatments to patients.

Health Insurance in the Digital Age: Vision 2025

Health costs money: we’re all living longer, exposed to greater risk and living in populations that are growing faster than economies. So how will we pay for our healthcare needs? What will the long term healthcare experience look like in 2025?

We gather together a group of best in class insurance experts to explore the intersection between Healthcare and the evolution of Insurance business models. This track is an opportunity to explore alternative health care assurance solutions in the new digital world.

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