Act for Cancer Foundation - Tessa's story

“Every chance for everyone…”
In 2017, Baroness Tessa Jowell was diagnosed with advanced brain cancer. Within months Tessa and her family were forced to realise the severe limitations of the standard cancer treatments of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

For the 51% of cancer patients that are, or will become, ‘currently untreatable’, their options for hope and a chance at living longer are crushingly slim.

In the final months of her life Tessa spoke out on behalf of all cancer patients to demand every chance was given to everyone, no matter what their circumstances. She championed doctors, patients and their families working together to find the best outcomes for each individual through truly personalised cancer treatments, so everyone with untreatable cancer could in future, “ well with cancer, not just be dying of it”.

Cutting-edge, novel therapies do exist, but they are currently only accessible to those privileged enough to have the right connections and money to afford them. Also, due to the standard timeframes for clinical trials the latest treatments are taking too long to get to the frontline and start saving lives.

Building on Tessa’s legacy, ACT for Cancer Foundation is a social justice movement for change, campaigning to make next-generation, personalised cancer treatment available and affordable for all on the NHS.

With 360,000 people in the UK diagnosed with cancer every year, every one of us is affected, whether it be as a patient or as a loved one, by this terrible disease.

We aim to become the largest charitable funder of personalised cancer treatments for the 51%. But we need you to
click here to join our Movement for Change and donate to make sure we give every chance for everyone.


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