GIANT Announces initial themes for 2019

We’ve spent the spring here at GIANT HQ having a deep think about the big issues that present challenges to healthcare professionals and service providers globally. And now we are ready to share with you what we’ll be exploring at Stamford Bridge in October.

Here’s what we’ll be featuring at GIANT this year:

Agents of Change: How entrepreneurs fuel the future of health. For change to happen, individuals must lay their livelihoods on the line. GIANT celebrates the entrepreneur, the achievements in health from breakthrough companies, and the future of health technology value creation.

The Augmented Clinician: How technologies are helping doctors to be … more. From training to triage, tests to treatments, discover how immersive tech and artificial intelligence are changing what doctors need to know and the pathways they follow.

Beyond the Plug: How medical devices are becoming hyperconnected. With the advent of 5G, nanotechnologies and advances in battery technologies, medical devices are becoming supercharged extensions of the patient experience.

Healthcare Touchpoints in the 2020s: What’s the future of clinician:citizen interfaces? From wearables to nanobots, haptics, gestures, voice and mood recognition - our health relationships are changing. But where will this lead?

The HealthCare State: What is the contract between state and citizen for health? National system or none, there is a greater need to share both data and responsibility for the health of the individual and the population as a whole than ever before. Who is writing the contract for this value exchange?

Distributing the Future more Evenly: Innovating for Health Equity. Does Technology bridge gaps or create them? What are the health problems that impact global health? Who is at risk of being left behind and how might we mitigate?

We’re also planning deep dive tracks on:

Technologies: Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR Immersive, Blockchain, Genomics, Medical Devices, Robotics & Drones, Wearables and the future of Interfaces.

Health themes: Increasing HealthSpan, Workplace Wellness, Pharma, Overlooked & Underserved.

Business themes: Diversity & Inclusion, Selling into Health Systems, UK Innovation Successes.

We’re looking for partners to work with us on these ideas.

Please get in touch if you would like to help us to bring these (and a few secret ones) to life.

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