WHAT WOMEN WANT: the Renaissance of women’s health

This year GIANT will be fully virtual allowing for a larger event that will truly bring Giant to the international community. We will ensure more engagement and connection between investors, corporates, potential partners, startups as well as healthcare professionals and stakeholders  from around the world. All panel sessions will be recorded and available after the event so no matter where you are you will have the opportunity to access GIANT's content.

About COYA Partners:

COYA Partners empowers life sciences innovation and decision-making. We answer your most complex and critical questions across the life sciences value chain with our unique blend of business, scientific and industry expertise and use of advanced artificial intelligence and data analytics. Our fully integrated approach and novel linkage of interdisciplinary teams help you share knowledge across your organisation and work with you to deliver a comprehensive strategy that strengthens your R&D, commercial and BD&L strategy. Throughout our process, we integrate patent intelligence and regulatory and legal expertise that supports privacy and intellectual property risk identification, and compliance while providing predictive insights and maximising your value.

COYA Partners was founded by Alex Huck-Ananou and Charlotte Phillips


We are bringing together innovators, investors, global pharma and medtech leaders, established SMEs, healthcare professionals, universities, non-profit organisations and more to explore how new technology is impacting women’s health worldwide. 

We’ve curated networking sessions, expert panel discussions, fire chats and online games and exhibitions to help you discover: 

  • Startups disrupting paradigms and breaking taboos;

  • Dynamics that are reshaping women’s healthcare ecosystem;

  • Deep tech’s disruptive force on the women’s healthcare industry;

  • Covid-19’s impact on women’s health and how stakeholders are taking action; 

  • Challenges faced by gender, sex and minority groups;

  • Facts on the status of women’s health worldwide;

  • And more. 

Opportunities for Sponsors:

Please reach out to coya@coyapartners subject: GIANT SPONSORSHIP

We work with you and tailor sponsorships based on your specific goals and targets, whether you want to:

  • Promote your brand by engaging directly with the audience via “on-stage” / “speaker” opportunities or via “the Lab”

  • Gain visibility by delivering specific messages in between panel sessions 

  • Scope potential partnership, licensing and acquisition opportunities

  • Become a known leader in women’s health

We will receive event analytics reports and full access to speakers as well as details on attendees.  

Networking sessions:

  • Matching investors, corporates, SMEs and starts-ups

For corporates and SMEs: With advancements in science and technology such as machine learning, voice and facial recognition, advanced data analytics, CRISPR, blockchain, liquid biopsy, medtech and more, companies will need to develop new ontologies and build meaningful partnerships. We help match innovative companies in various fields with large players looking for impactful partnerships.

For investors: We are matching disruptive technologies and startups with accelerators and investors to accelerate women’s health innovation.

  • Women in pharma / Women in medtech 

For C-suite women and female industry leaders, this is the opportunity to connect, share challenges and wins and build lasting relationships.

Panel sessions:

  1. Investing: transformation and trends in Women's Health

Our panel of worldwide institutional investors, VCs and accelerators explain the shift in attitude when it comes to investing in women’s health and dig deep into current and future trends. Startups that have successfully raised give us insights into how investors are helping them take their businesses to the next level; they share their tips and the hurdles they still face.

  1. Deep tech & Big Data: adopting disruptive technology to accelerate change in women's health

Our panel of expert scientists in various fields discuss the diverse applications of the latest advancements in deep tech and the specific ways it can improve and accelerate change in women’s health. Discover how AI/ machine learning, voice and facial recognition, advanced data analytics, CRISPR, blockchain, precision medicine, liquid biopsy, medtech, nanorobotics and more are reshaping the industry and improving outcomes for women from new therapeutics, diagnostics etc.   

  1. Gender inequalities and systemic biases in women’s health

Covid-19 and recent historical events have helped bring into the spotlight biases in the healthcare system relating to gender, sex, and ethnic minorities. Our panelists, ranging from government, influencers/advocates, NGOs and foundations help us uncover facts through an epidemiological, behavioural economics and historical lense to explore gaps in policy, law, social and organisational structures, etc.

  1. Power to the consumer: the rise 

The healthcare industry is becoming more patient/consumer-centric and patient expectations are rising. Our panel explores how inventors and designers are developing products with women’s needs in mind and how telemedicine, precision medicine, preventive medicine, alternative medicine and lifestyle brands are putting the power back into women’s hands.   

Fireside chat:

  • The year in review: Covid-19 and its effects in women. 

What we’ve learnt, what we are doing and what is still not being addressed? Hear takeaways, insights and concerns from epidemiologists, governments, scientific journalists, advocates and health professionals. 

For the public:

  • True or False Game : Online quiz on women’s Health. Discover how well you know the space, the facts and the history of women’s health.  

  • “The  Lab”: Online platform exhibiting and showcasing new health products and services for women. 

COYA partners is a proud champion of GIANT Health's "5000 Women" Campaign.