The Future is FemTech

22 November 2018

Ranging from painful periods to infertility, menopause to cervical cancer, pregnancy and maternal mental health, women’s health issues affect 50% of the global population.

At The Future is FemTech we’re celebrating the pioneers of women’s health technology: companies using AI, wearables, bio-technology and more to solve today’s women’s health problems. We're speaking with the medtech experts, journalists, investors and policymakers to examine the gaps: where in female health are we lacking?

We’re calling everyone who cares about femtech – health professionals, researchers, entrepreneurs, engineers, investors, global policymakers – this is a chance to discuss, network and drive business opportunities in a rapidly growing, billion-dollar industry.            

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Dr Janani Param
Janani is a doctor, teacher and healthtech evangelist. After completing her honours thesis in oocyte vitrification (IVF), attempting to found a startup and working as a medical practitioner in Australia, she moved to London to follow her healthtech heart.


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Chairman Prof Shafi Ahmed
13:45 The Rt Hon Matt Hancock
MP Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
Special Guest Keynote
14:15 Amy Thomson
Founder, Moody

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Leadership in Women's Tech: A Founder's Story
14:40 Dr Stephanie Kuku,
Health Ambassador for Women in AI Honorary Research Fellow, UCLH, Gynae-Oncology

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Validation not Valuation: The Need for Clinical Research in Technology for Women's Health
15:05 Nicola Millar
Engineering Programme Manager, Cambridge Consultants
Marica Carleschi

European Consumer Marketing Manager, Atlantic Therapeutics

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The Case for Menopause Tech (Taboo to Ta-Boom!): Finding Solutins for Underserved Health Needs
15:45 Shardi Nahavandi
CEO and Founder, Uniq Health
Valentina Milanova

Founder and CEO, Daye
Rose Acton

Founder and COO, Adia
Billie Quinlan

Co-Founder and CEO, Leika
Panel - Breaking the BIG Taboos: Overcoming Femtech's Barriers and Looking Forward to the Future
16:30 Dr Saleyha Ahsan
Emergency Medicine Doctor and Broadcaster with
Dr Annie Pannelay

Co-Founder , Agency for Innovators
Fireside chat- Women's Health around the World: Creating Global Impact with Technology

Prof Shafi Ahmed Amir Amraie and the Beanstalks Judges

Chairman's Closing Remarks: Announcement of Beanstalks Winners
Close of Main Stage Move to Centenary Stage