The Business of Healthcare Platform

The Business of Healthcare Platforms

What they are, why they matter and what role you should play

why does this matter?

If you still think product and not platform: Think Again.

Digital Platforms and their associated Ecosystems are the new healthcare markets.

In healthcare, they combine a variety of services and vendors under one virtual care platform. The end objective is to offer end-to-end experiences, from cure to care to wellbeing.

Platforms have become one of the most important business models of the 21st century. They represent a new business order where competition is less important than having a network of privileged partnerships.


The race is on

Big, Small, everybody wants to join or orchestrate their own ecosystems

Something is for sure: the winners will take (almost) all.

Digital health businesses must adapt to this new constellation.

What is your ecosystem strategy?
Which role you should play and how do you monetize?
How can digital health companies get started in platform business?

JOIN us in this track and hear how some companies are already harnessing the power of platform business models, while avoiding some of the negative consequences.

Our speakers are a mixed group of market leaders and innovative start-ups. Examples will come from different pathways (clinical workflows, patient pathways) and different maturity stages.

conference agenda

Day 1 - November 30th - Main Stage

Time Session Name Speakers Session description
15:30 - 15:35 Welcome Pilar Fernandez Hermida, Curator and Founder, i-Expand
15:35 - 15:50 Business of Healthcare Platforms: What they are, why the matter and what roles you can play. Pilar Fernandez-hermida, Founder, i-Expand
(Based on her upcoming book: Cash or Crash)
15:50 - 16:05

Orchestrators- (from consumer to clinical)
From Consumer App to Clinical-Grade Intelligent Healing Platform -
Happify's journey to becoming a D2C2B business platform

Chris Wasden, Head of Pharma Specialty Solutions & Corporate Strategy, Happify Health  
16:05 - 16:20 Orchestrators-(from clinical to patient) Why the Platform Ecosystem leads to a new and unprecedented pace of healthcare innovation - How InterSystems and their partners extract value from healthcare data, and rapidly create and scale new breakthrough applications.
Duncan Allen, Sales Manager, Intersystems.  
16:20 - 16:40 Complementors - How Platform Ecosystems and co-creation can advance healthcare for startups. Views from eConsult and Cognetivity. Tom Sawyer, CFO, Cognetivity Neurosciences
Dr Mark Harmon, Strategic and Brand Director, eConsult
16:40 - 16:55

Panel discussion

Happify, InterSystems, eConsult, Cognetivity
Moderator - Announced Soon
16:55 - 17:00 Closing remarks Pilar Fernandez Hermida, Curator and Founder, i-Expand.


Pilar Fernandez Hermida, Founder i-Expand . I-Expand helps Digital Health companies grow and expand by developing disruptive go-to-market strategies. With over 20 years' experience, Pilar is advisor in several startups and an active participant in the Digital Health community. Her upcoming book: “Cash or Crash: How to launch your digital health Business..Successfully” will be published in 2022.