Spread and scale: from one to many

BOB.health is a free-to-NHS supportive online tool that unpacks the practical how-to missing in traditional case studies and shared learning approaches. BOB’s mission is simple: provide the NHS with the free, accessible, learning platform it deserves. Our ambition is also single-minded: we plan to positively impact the lives of 65 million people and support the NHS to save £1 billion over the next four years.

But, we can’t do it alone. We’re lucky to have a brilliant team of BOB NHS staff Ambassadors who keep us on track and collaborate with individuals and organisations from across the public and private health sector.

We believe that win:win is more than the desired state between both the public and private sectors, it's the only viable one to build a sustainable healthcare system. That’s why our track at GIANT unites groups from across the healthcare system: public and private; big and small.

  1. Big Pharma and Big Tech - medicines vs. devices
    Compare and contrast - different approaches to adoption across the NHS. What can we learn?
  2. SME innovators paving the way
    Navigating the NHS from those who have done it
  3. NHS organisations that have locked in COVID-19 innovations
    What has changed and how can we learn from it?
  4. Building confidence in sharing your good ideas with NHS colleagues
    From a junior doctor to an NHS veteran - a helping hand from across the spectrum about the vital importance of sharing to spread and scale ideas
  5. The theory behind spreading and scaling ideas and innovations
    The human behaviours the system can learn from 

We’re curating this session in partnership with NHS staff, NHS organisations, healthcare bodies and NHS suppliers such as pharmaceutical and health tech companies. If you or your organisation would like to get involved, simply get in touch below.