Revolutionising Healthcare with Immersive Technology

21 November 2018

At first, it seemed that immersive technologies would be confined to the world of gaming and entertainment. Today, these technologies are being embraced by healthcare innovators in remarkably diverse applications and contexts, with radical improvements to healthcare systems and patient care.

Discover the latest developments in virtual reality as a therapy. Find out how immersive technologies are enhancing the delivery of training and education. See the opportunities for remote monitoring, diagnosis and treatment. Get an answer to the question: will immersive technologies enhanced by AI and blockchain replace doctors in patient engagement with healthcare providers?


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Steve Dann, Co-Founder, Medical Realities


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09:45 Steve Dann
Co-Founder Medical Realities
Introduction to the Day and How Immersive Technology is going to Revolutionise Healthcare
10:30 Ken Blakeslee
Chairman, Webmobility Ventures
The Internet of Me - The Role of Contextual Technologies + AI, AR and VR to enable Preemptive Personal Healthcare
11:30 Mark Goddard
Co-Founder, Spotlight Ortho
Mark Christian
Global Director of Immersive Learning, Pearson
The Reality of AR/VR: Transformation and Commercial Models
12:10 Matt Leatherbarrow
CTO, Amplified Robot
Revolutionising Healthcare Training using Immersive Technology
12:30 Letizia Perna-Forrest
Head of Patient and Family Support, Royal Trinity Hospice
Leon Ancliffe
Managing Director, Flix Films
Unlocking the Potential of Virtual Reality in Palliative Care
13:00 LUNCH  
14:00 Mr Bijendra Patel
Consultant Surgeon QMUL and Medical Realities
Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) for Globalisation of Surgical Education
14:45 Dr David Wood
Chair, London Futurists
The radical transformation of healthcare as the fourth industrial revolution accelerates
16:00 Tre Azam
CEO and Founder, Myndplay
Applying Technology to Mental Health Prevention and Mind Fitness
16:30 Gareth Frith
Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)
Project Manager, School of Medicine, University of Leeds
Using Augmented and Virtual Reality in Medical and Healthcare Education
17:00 End of Track