Prevent Detect Diagnose

21 November 2018

Will technology put an end to preventable disease? Might it be possible to detect disease before a patient is even aware of their symptoms? What tools can we deploy to intervene in health conditions before they become unmanageable?

Our journey takes us from making healthcare and wellness accessible and affordable to all, through the impact of Public-Private Partnerships and tackling how we prevent age-related debilitation. We’ll imagine being an "un-patient" of cancer, reveal clothes that can determine our heart health 15 years in advance, and see how remote monitoring can help those who are already ill.


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Prof Shafi Ahmed, Chief Medical Officer, Medical Realities


09:00 Prof Shafi Ahmed
Surgeon, Global Educator, Visionary

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Chairman's Intro: Welcome to GIANT 2018
09:15 Dr Ali Parsa
CEO, Babylon

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Everything that is Solid will Melt into Air: Healthcare Accessible and Affordable to Every Person on Earth
09:45 Tony Estrella
Investor, Board Director, Fiction Novelist

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The Interception Imperative:
Global Case Studies in Public-Private Partnerships
10:15 Lead: Mary Matthews
Founder, Memrica
Dr Carol Routledge
Alzheimer's Research UK
Dr Jamie Wilson
Emma Beswick
Panel - Cognitive Fitness: Harnessing Technologies to Prevent and Intercept Dementia
11:30 Ravi Ruparel
Platform Worldwide and Fight Bladder Cancer

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Intercepting Bladder Cancer 2025:
An "un-patient's" perspective
11:55 Hugh Lloyd-Jukes
CEO, Oxehealth

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Prevention, Prediction & Productivity:
Helping Clinicians to Solve the “Corridor Problem”
12:20 Genie the Robot and Simon Hooper
CEO, RemindMecare

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Companion Tech: The Convergence of Care
Enhancing Self-Care for Positive Impact
12:35 Dr Adel Baluch
Primary Care and Clinical Lead, Ada Health
Beyond Intelligence:
Sensing Rare and Emerging Problems
13:00 End of Track