After 6 years of significant growth, GIANT Health has become a global community of everyone who’s business is healthcare innovation. We successfully bring together innovators, investors, global corporates, established SME, doctors, hospital managers and government health officials. We spark productive business collaboration, this accelerates better health outcomes.

Starting from this month, GIANT’s premium members will get the opportunity to access even more resources through our platform, newsletter and events.

Premium membership will allow you to tap into GIANT’s global community of over 177,000 people working in healthcare, grow your network, build your personal credibility and showcase your business cost effectively through GIANT’s channels.

Here's a list of perks you get as a GIANT Premium Member:

  • Advertise your job ads, product launches, crowdfunding campaigns, awards, startup programmes, fundraising and investment offerings in our weekly newsletter and get promotion via our social media channels.

  • Free super early bird ticket to GIANT 2020 (worth £79).

  • 50% off one of the following; 

    • Sponsorship/Exhibition package:

      • Small “virtual” Exhibition Stand (£995)

      • Standard “virtual” Exhibition Stand (£1350)

      • Large “virtual” Exhibition Stand (£5000) 

    • ITM programme (£3750).

  • Access to join the prestigious and exclusive GIANT Whatsapp group chat of like minded senior successful healthcare technology innovation people.

  • Free 1 hour advice for start-ups from other professionals such as accountants or lawyers etc.

  • Premium member webpage (photo, name, job title), we can introduce people to the premium members.

  • Opportunities to feature on the GIANT “Healthy innovators live TV”.

  • Discounts on products/services from some of our partners.


Here are the costs associated with the membership:

  • Premium Annual Membership £150 per year or Premium Monthly Membership £15 per month.

Premium Annual Membership

£150 per year
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