Podcasting: The Way To Explode Your Health Tech Brand

The Curators

Adam Cox, CEO, serial entrepreneur, founder of Radio Relations and The Relations Group. Property investor, radio presenter and iTunes charting podcaster, with a passion for psychology, branding, marketing and business.
Adam's speciality lies in helping brands utilise their thought-leaders and leverage their expertise to audiences of millions through credible conversations creating huge brand awareness, high-level positioning, and the credibility that comes from editorial third-party endorsement.





James Burtt, is the UK's leading expert in successful podcast launches having helped 125+ client to reach the top of the iTunes charts. 
His speciality is in creating content that resonates with a key audience in order for position experts as the authoritative voice in the market place - he helps brands, companies and organisations to plan, produce, launch, grow and monetise podcasts.






What to expect 

It's a fact, building a Brand that standouts in the market is one of the fastest and most effective ways to grow your awareness and your business. In this training, branding and broadcast experts Adam Cox and James Burtt will be sharing some of the core tactics to absolutely explode your tech brand in 2021.


  • How powerful branding can be for your business
  • What a ‘brand’ actually is
  • How to explode your brand in 2021
  • Generate organic leads
  • How to develop your brand concept if you’ve not focused on it before
  • Using audio to gain global traction fast.

This is for you, if you are

  • Looking to create expert positioning in the market place
  • Be recognised as a thought-leader in your space
  • Use your brand to generate revenue
  • Be considered as an influencer
  • Want to generate organic traffic for your business
  • Pull business opportunities to you
  •  Network with global business leaders
  • Create global attention
  • Generate leads
  • Turn fans and followers into paying clients