Pitching for the future 2021 - Stockholm

The next generation of entrepreneurial health-tech leaders

Date: 20st of May, 2021  Time: Tbd

Pitching for the Future 2021 aims to lead today's bright entrepreneurs towards the future of health tech investments. We offer to every innovative mind with a promising business the opportunity to take our virtual stage and directly connect with a panel of local investors and managing partners. 

It’s time to start your journey with Giant and its unique community in the healthcare business. Be sure to reserve a time slot to showcase your unique vision in the right pitching module.

A comprehensive ticket to pitch across 5 European cities in front of the most vibrant investor communities: 200£

A comprehensive ticket to judge the brightest healthcare companies across 5 European cities: £500

Call for Health tech Startups: Requirement: funded in the last 5 years.

Call for Health tech SMEs: Requirements: more than 5 years in the market or 10+ employees.

Pitching for the Future 2021 - Module structure

Each business will get the complete investors’ attention for 10 minutes comprising 5 minutes to pitch and 5 minutes of Q&A. Between the Startups and the SME module, a group of senior figures for each city will catch the audience’s eye during a 30 minutes Discussion Panel exchanging opinions about investment stages in healthcare and sharing the latest insights from their portfolios.

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Oleksandr Melnychuk - CTO and Co-Founder at Honeycomb Software


Pitch Moderator: Markus Dietrich - Analyst at Hadean Ventures

Confirmed Companies



Jukes’ mission is to empower a world where all athletes can access sports, be the best you can be, and achieve your personal goals. 

We make long-distance waterproof sports headsets enabling real-time technical and strategic coaching or simply giving encouragement to athletes in water or land-based training. Jukes is used by coaches, amateur clubs, and elite training centers around the world to maximize the impact for every athlete because knowledge plus focus produces extraordinary results.






Our mission at Blüm HQ is to connect Healthcare excellence with technological innovation, accelerating the transition to a world filled with digital health solutions. Our lean team enables us to provide high-quality software solutions, aided by specialist healthtech design and development experience. Our company expertise derives from ideating, building, and executing our own exciting and innovative projects, whilst providing industry-leading consultancy to thought leaders, thinkers, and creatives. 




DeepMed IO Ltd addresses personalized medicine (PM) using state-of-the-art machine learning technologies. The volume and complexity of the data for comprehensive PM analysis is immense, with particularly demanding data classes, including histopathology images. 

DeepMed's USP is extracting information from histopathology images with machine learning. Having developed image pre-processing algorithms and efficient neural network training strategies, we utilized our proprietary annotated images to deliver our first cancer-staging solution, a 97% accurate lymph node metastasis detection machine learning software. We are raising a late-seed round of £500k to complete CE-Marking, finance customer pilots, and accelerate our market traction.



Katarina is an engineer with an MBA. She has certifications in Board Work, General Management, and Business Mentoring. She has tremendous work experience in product development, organization, and business development in several countries. She can manage responsibility for more than 150 employees. She also has experience of international work from Europe. Katarina is a Clinical Innovation Fellowships (CIF) programme (2015) alumnus, and her start-up Tada Medical is a spin-off from CIF programme.





HumanPeople is changing the way people can get real benefits from supplements. Our mission is to make people happier and healthier by providing a digital health platform to deliver daily supplements with the precision of a specialist clinic for the price of a cappuccino. HumanPeople solves a problem faced by billions globally: despite $123b being spent on supplements, 96% of people have suboptimal levels of vitamins and minerals. By integrating data from a health questionnaire with results of home tests of blood, DNA, and gut microbiome, HumanPeople's approach means supplements are better targeted, and therefore more effective than competitive offerings.




Drill Surgeries Ltd. is a vibrant startup developing medical devices that guide surgeons during Intramedullary Nailing Surgeries – a common type of surgery aimed at assisting the welding of broken bones and performed an average of 500 times a year per hospital – thanks to the implementation of Augmented Reality and Tracking algorithms.

 Building our devices from scratch with doctors and patients in mind, we already show potential to reduce X-ray radiation and operating time by over 50%.

As a result, supporting our mission to provide faster and safer healthcare worldwide.





NeedleSmart is market leading, patented needle destruction technology engineered in the UK.  NeedleSmart devices take a hypodermic needle at the point of use, heats it to over 1,300°C and compresses it into a ball. It takes just a fraction of a second to convert a sharp needle into a sterile sphere of metal. The process can contribute to the reduction of needlestick injuries and their consequential costs as well as having the potential to reduce the cost and increase efficiency of used needle disposal.





LYFE® gives you access to an ecosystem of resources designed to nourish the health of your body, head, and heart. From educational, inspiring content to a geo-located health directory, and a community of like-minded businesses and individuals, everything is grounded in scientific research and handpicked to help you cultivate a more balanced perspective on how you use your energy. So you can wake up to a better way of life.