Personal & Precision Interventions

22 November 2018

Every individual has a unique combination of characteristics, so any intervention is more or less likely to be effective. By bringing together behavioural, biological, genomic and clinical data together, we can begin to develop precision interventions for each patient.

But there are challenges. Who owns your health data? What is the patient perspective? And do we need diversity in design to deliver on the breadth of needs? Are existing improvements matching up to their potential, and how could systematic testing result in better outcomes for all?


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Prof Shafi Ahmed, Chief Medical Officer, Medical Realities







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09:00 Prof Shafi Ahmed
Surgeon, Global Educator, Visionary
Chairman's Intro: Welcome to GIANT 2018
09:15 Giulia Boselli
Precision Medicine Knowledge Transfer Manager, KTN

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The Precision Imperative: Blending Advanced Technologies to Meet Individual Needs
09:45 Joe Elborn
European Health Parliament

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The Perils of Personal:
A View from 2030
10:15 Led by Dr Rebecca Pope
KPMG Sarah Haywood, Medcity
Emma D'Arcy Sutcliffe
Ruth Wilson
Panel - Building Bridges: How do we link Diversity and Solution Design in Healthcare?
10:45 Jess Mills
Co Founder- ACT for Cancer The Tessa Jowell Mission for Change
Adaptive Collaborative Treatments for Cancer
11:30 Angela McFarlane
IQVIA; Sarah Haywood, MedCity
Panel - Crossing the Chasm with Digital Therapeutics: Capability, Capacity and Culture
12:00 Lorena Puica
Founder and CEO, iamYiam
The Precision Revolution: Paving the Way to Authentic & Logical Personalisation
12:20 Hamish Grierson
Founder and CEO, Thriva

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Accessibility: Making Personalised Health Testing the New Normal
12:45 Oleksii (Alex) Vinogradov
A 9-Year Journey to Save Your Heart: With a Smart T-Shirt (Via VideoLink from Kiev)
13:00 End of Track