Manage Health & Chronic Conditions

21 November 2018

More and more people are using technology tracking to manage their everyday health and medical conditions for the better. New tools are emerging to support wellness and there's a growing list of good practices. The population is armed with potential in their phones, homes and cars. However, can using them for health become a mass-market norm?

At this session, you’ll learn about the tech transforming healthcare and how to integrate to improve our health systems. We’ll discuss how to build an ecosystem to support large populations like workforces facing health or lifestyle risks and how these are being deployed now to reduce the impact of the kinds of conditions that can occur. Finally, which comes first, the technology or the culture to share responsibility (and the data our devices collect) for our health.



Prof Shafi Ahmed, Chief Medical Officer, Medical Realities







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14:00 Jason C Foster
Co-chair, Tech London Advocates Healthtech

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About Tech London Advocates HealthTech
14:15 Dr Mark Steedman
Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions

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The Internet of Medical Things:
How Connected Medical Devices are Transforming Healthcare
14:45 Lead: Charlotte Crowther
Strategic Alliances, Medopad
Dr Justin Varney
Business In The Community (BITC)
Paul Roberts
Founder, Enlighten
Jessica Badley
Head of People, Ambitious about Autism
Panel - Wellness for Workers:
What responsibility do Workplaces have Towards their Employees?
16:00 Dr Anushka Patchava
Doctor in Population Health

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Healthy Customers, Healthy Business, Healthy World:
From Profit to Protecting People
16:30 Rune Bech
Co-Founder, Director of Communications, Liva Healthcare

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Tech on Prescription
Treating Type 2 Diabetes
17:00 Dr Rebecca Pope
Chief Data Scientist, KPMG UK
Matt Eagles
Head of Patient Engagement, Havas Lynx
The GIANT Debate: The People vs Technology
Are People Ready to Share Responsibility & Data for Health?
17:30 End of Track