Inbound Trade Mission Demonstration Stage

About the Inbound Trade Mission

This is a high-quality, cost-effective package to enable healthtech companies from abroad to sell into the UK healthcare system.

Note this is part of The GIANT Health Event; a global virtual gathering. Companies from around the world will participate online in this virtual event...

What is GIANT Health’s Inbound Trade Mission? It is a complete package of 4 high-impact elements and more.

  1. Vibrant, engaging virtual exhibition hall: allowing you to exhibit your business prominently at “Europe’s largest, most valuable annual healthtech event”.

  2. Conference. A ½ day conference with expert speakers, providing you with a dedicated guidance on how to sell in the UK.

  3. Structured networking. Your own ‘virtual meeting room’ to book appointments before and during the event.

  4. Dedicated sales and marketing support. Services from the entire GIANT Health promoting your business across all social media platforms, further digital marketing promotions, and direct networking support.

Who is it for?

All Life Science and Healthcare technology companies from anywhere around the world. Who are:

  • Already selling in the UK and seeking to grow their business.

  • Interested in expanding their business by exporting to the UK.

  • All businesses that wish to learn about the UK healthcare market and the substantial commercial opportunities there.

What will you get at the 2020 GIANT Health Event?
Virtual Exhibition Stand
  • Meet new customers one at a time

  • Showcase your products and services, with either pre-recorded videos or a live video stream session in the booth

  • Upload sales fliers, easily downloadable by attendees

  • Direct one-to-one video conversations with attendees

  • Booths have a customizable lead generation feature built-in for capturing attendee interest

  • Expo Zones: i.e. Virtual Reality in healthcare zone, Diabetes Zone, etc

Structure Networking - Take the opportunity to meet everyone you need to know, to launch your business in the UK and scale it rapidly.

  • Matchmaking. Structured one-to-one video meetings with healthcare providers as well as with local accountants, lawyers, NHS consultants, investors, leading UK healthcare management consultancies, British government national health service officials.

  • Pre-show networking: Book meetings in advance. Use the calendar / appointment setting features actively before the show.

Slot on the Demonstration Stage
  • 15-20 minute slot dedicated to showcasing your company/ product/ service, this is up to you

Dedicated Sales and Marketing Support
  • Outreach: mailings, social media & web promotion before the event.

  • Follow up – additional social media & email promotion of your business after the event.

  • Follow up – GIANT provides you with a directory of useful contacts

Get Involved (package)

GIANT Health’s “Inbound Trade Mission” is a complete package of valuable services to support your company. Grow your sales and profits by exporting to the UK, and learn how to do this by buying the Inbound Trade Mission package.

Only £3,750.

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Who you can expect to see on stage: