Guidelines for media partners


Q1. What is a GIANT’s media partner?

  • GIANT’s partners are professional organisations with a substantial professional membership base.  Examples are established trade organisations, professional magazines, and high-profile content platforms.  In exchange for a valuable collection of benefits that GIANT provides, the partner’s goal is to improve the success of the GIANT Health Event by helping to sell delegate tickets.

Q2. Roles of a Partner

  • Actively promote the GIANT health events to your organisations membership and / or professional network, in emails to your members, articles in your titles, active promotion of GIANT on social media, on your website, at your events.

Q3. Benefits of being a GIANT Partner

  • Access to numerous high-profile leaders in healthcare, technology, finance, and academia.

  • Raise your organisation’s profile. 

  • Regular organisation’s promotion through GIANT channels (on social media, newsletter, website, event magazine, dedicated email blasts)

  • Startup exhibition booth (virtual)

  • Personal free ticket for yourself (saving £495)

  • Meaningful 25% discount on tickets for your colleagues, business partners, community members  

  • Receive a package of social media, digital, and direct marketing support from GIANT.

Q4. Where can media partners find a standard agreement?

Note: this is a non-cash barter agreement.

Q5. How can media partners share their promo content with the GIANT marketing team?

  • Media partners should complete the jot form  to make sure GIANT’s social media manager, Newsletter editor and magazine designer have the correct partner’s logo, URLs, banners and wording for posts and newsletters inclusion. For dedicated email campaigns or in case the files are large, please send WeTransfer link with the required content to the programme leader.

Q6. How can media partners get content about GIANT events 2023?

Q7. How can media partners join WhatsApp group to receive GIANT updates and  for networking with other organisations?

  • Follow this link to join the WhatsApp group: Feel free to introduce yourself and what you are up to. 
    We do not sell on the group, we just post about ourselves and  discuss how we can partner to spread our messages. 
    Social media manager Denica shares updates alongside post URLs for media partners to reshare within their networks 2-3 times per week.

Q8. How to set up a virtual booth? If the event is virtual or hybrid.

  • 5 weeks before the event contact to ask for guidelines and find out the deadlines. 

Q9. How to participate in GIANT’s survey to get a 50% discount code on tickets and let us investigate how GIANT can bring much more benefits to partners like you?

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated and extremely helpful.

Q9. How often do media partners receive updates on GIANT initiatives?

  • Once in 1-2 weeks the Programme leader shares exciting news and opportunities GIANT 2023 provides to the health tech community. And we ask media partners to amplify the promotion of campaigns. 

Q10. How can media partners get their individual discount codes?

  • The programme leader will send you the code to you once the agreement is signed. Usually, it’s your company’s name abbreviation with the number of the discount provided smth like BMJ25. 

Q11. How will media partners receive their free tickets?

  • A special link or discount code to get personal free passes will be sent to each media partner by a programme leader via email.