The Academy of Fabulous Stuff is delighted to be part of this year’s GIANT Health Event. #FabChange19

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We see ourselves as very much in the vanguard of using technology and social media to spread good practice, innovation, and the best-stuff-you-can-do!

Over three million page views and thousands of ideas are shared here and around the world. As the NHS faces an uncertain future of pressures on funding, staffing and demand, it is only the management of patients and their treatment with the help of technology, that will see them through. Technology is an investment and cleverly used, supporting NHS professionals in their decisions and care, can give huge returns in efficiency and safety.

This year we join GIANT to celebrate FabChange19. Once a year the NHS comes together to ask what it can change and what it can do better and then commits to doing it. Thousands of ideas emerge, high impact improvements confirming what we know; the best ideas come from the front-line, the people doing the job.

The Fab Academy is leading the changes, supporting huge steps forward, providing a free-to-use repository of best practice where everyone can create, share, search and enjoy.

GIANT leads the way in technologies and we are pleased to be taking giant footsteps with you, sharing best practice.

To celebrate the partnership between FABChange19, IHM and GIANT Health, we are offering the FABChange community and IHM members an exclusive discount on GIANT Health 2019 tickets.

I have a discount code from FABChange or IHM

An additional benefit of this partnership is a FREE IHM Associate membership (Annual) if you purchase a ticket to attend GIANT Health 2019. Instructions on how to redeem this offer will be sent in the ticket confirmation email.


Who's behind FAB Change 19?

Roy Lilley

Roy Lilley

NHS Writer,Broadcaster, commentator and conference speaker

Roy Lilley has been in and around the NHS since 1974 and feels lucky to still be involved. An excoriating critic of the NHS and its institutions but with his last breath, a fan of the patient-facing front-line of healthcare and the anonymous people who manage the services. He visits well over 50 NHS services every year, speaks at 100+ events and meetings and conferences and writes and broadcasts about the health service in e-letters, newspapers, magazines and on TV and (as he insists on describing it) the wireless. He is in the Debrett’s 500 of the most influential people in England. The Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff has been his dream and is now a reality.

Terri Porret

Dr Terri Porrett

PhD, MSc, RN

Terri has worked as a clinical nurse specialist in Stoma care, Nurse Consultant and Clinical Director. She has co-edited two textbooks and published extensively in medical Colorectal and nursing Gastrointestinal Journals. Terri was involved in the development of www.apollonursingresource.com, an online resource to enable specialist nurses to articulate the value of their role and amplify the voice of specialist nurses. In 2013 Terri was recognised in the Nursing Times Nursing Leaders list as a ‘real champion for colorectal nursing and specialist nursing in general’. Terri is thrilled to be involved in the Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff (although might not quite realise what she is letting herself in for!) and aims to be the moderating influence on the double act that is Lilley and Wilks!


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