Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Digital therapeutics (DTX)

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Panel Discussion: The Changing Landscape - DTx & Virtual Clinical Trial Solution Impact

The pandemic has accelerated the rate at which real-world data and digital tools have been adopted to conduct clinical trials. The pandemic coupled with the appropriate technologies have caused a fundamental shift towards decentralized virtual clinical trials. Resulting in rich data sets invaluable for researching a wide range of interventions, variables, and specific patient populations.
1. What are the differences between traditional and virtual clinical trials?
2. How do DTx solutions assist in running virtual/hybrid clinical trials?
3. How do we assess the value of DTx solutions through clinical trials?
4. What are the current challenges being experienced in this space?
Coffee Break and Networking
Fireside Chat Led by leading experts in digital therapeutics from pharma companies

Panel Discussion: A Pharma Perspective - Deploying DTx Partnerships to go Beyond the Pill

Covid-19 has drastically accelerated the adoption of digital health solutions. The increased utilization of digital therapeutics has shown to ease the burden faced by the healthcare system during the pandemic. This shift towards digital adoption has put pressure on pharma to innovate beyond their traditional approaches.
1. What should DTx/Pharma companies look for when establishing partnerships?
2. What are the challenges being seen in these partnerships?
3. How are partnerships being used to drive DTx adoption?
4. What does the future of DTx partnerships potentially look like?
Lunch and Networking
Fireside Chat Led by leading experts in digital therapeutics from pharma companies
Panel Discussion: Show me the Money - How to make Money with DTx
Understanding how to monetize DTx solutions is paramount for their implementation. The role that reimbursement and new business models will play is central to this discussion.
1. What are some of the most popular/effective business models being adopted?
2. What factors affect the commercialization of DTx solutions?
3. What are the takeaways from various regulatory frameworks such as the German DiGA?
4. What role will payers play in this area?
Coffee Break and Networking
Panel Discussion: DTx along the Patient Journey - Patient Engagement & Retention Strategies in the Digital Age
Digital therapeutics continue to gain popularity and optimism due to their overall impact on health. As digital therapies provide a promise of individualized therapy, improved outcomes and greater patient engagement, stakeholders have to understand the strategies that deliver on the promise of digital therapeutics for patients.
1. How do digital therapeutics improves patient engagement and outcomes?
2. How to retain users using digital therapeutic solutions?
3. What service offering components help improve patient retention and engagement?
4. What are the challenges being faced for patient engagement & retention?
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We do this by providing market and competitor insights (research) and strategy advice (guidance). We facilitate partnerships creation between best-in-class innovators and established healthcare companies, helping them align their service offerings and business models.
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Digital Therapeutics (DTx) are transforming the standard of care and potentially closing the gap in prevention and treatment.

This fast-growing billion USD market and the opportunity it presents to improve personalized health outcomes at scale has ignited interest from different health care stakeholders, including pharma, who have started to explore this space through investments and strategic partnerships.


Some of the questions that the session will address are:

  1. What will it take to scale DTx across different countries?
  2. Which business models may prove to be most successful?
  3. How can pharma leverage technology to improve the real-world performance drugs and create stand-alone DTx intervention?
  4. What will it take for payers to adopt DTx, and how will they pay?
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We invite you to be part of and engage in inspiring discussions with our speakers, innovators, and change-makers in this industry.

No matter what you specialise in, whether your company is already building groundbreaking digital therapeutics, or you hope to invest in those who do, or if you are simply want to find the best solutions for your clients and patients, this event is for you.

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Join us to hear first-hand cases and examples from leading global DTx, pharma, insurers, and digital innovators.

As they demonstrate new commercial models to accelerate clinical trials, novel value chains, service offerings, patient engagement strategies, and strategic partnerships that have led to market success or lessons learned, as well as different business and reimbursement models.