Convince your Boss

Convince your Boss

For leaders, innovators and change-makers in this industry.

Who is this conference for?
  • There are numerous exciting and important reasons why the many 1000s and 1000s of NHS staff and business delegates have attended The GIANT Health Event over the past years.  

    • The event is “The UK’s largest, most valuable annual NHS innovation and technology” event according to The Financial Times Newspaper.

  • Our visitors have told us that GIANT was amazing, valuable, fun, stimulating, and completely worth their time to attend. When we've asked why, here are few of their reasons:

  • Successfully advance your marketing communications, business development, and sales progammes with cost-effective, impactful sponsorship and exhibition partnerships with The GIANT Health Event.  Gain more business, in less time, for less money.

  • GIANT Health is a cost-effective business event: where global corporates and established SMEs engage directly with ICB and NHS hospital procurement professionals from across the UKBoost your career

    • Meet 100s of people that are looking to recruit in the healthcare technology sector: global corporates, health-tech innovation companies, investors, and more. 

    • The dynamic, entrepreneurial spirit at GIANT is about collaboration, open source, sharing, helping...

  • Learn more in 2 days than in the rest of the year.

    • With the numerous stages delivering multiple conferences, + the workshops and structured breakfast events, the 100s and 100s of leading national UK NHS subject-expert speakers… Every year senior government cabinet officials, NHS Hospital Trust CEOs, ICB leaders, and other leading experts speak on stage at GIANT Health.

    • The fun and supportive spirit at GIANT Health is about sharing knowledge: all the speakers share all of their knowledge before, during, and after the event.

  • And here are even more reasons to attend GIANT Health 2024



with leaders in digital health to develop effective “pill plus” solutions, drawing on human-centered design and behavioral techniques to drive up patient outcomes and create better health, and better lives for people


the opportunities from the convergence of social, mobile, analytic and cloud technologies to drive efficiencies and optimize health


partnerships with new entrants and disruptors that will change care delivery models and enhance citizen participation in health prevention

Be inspired

by the latest developments and ideas from outside health, including aerospace, sport, financial and entertainment industries, that are using technology to deliver better customer value and experience


about the latest developments in virtual reality, telemedicine, home monitoring and smart technologies in IoT and smart homes that will help improve the lives of people with chronic long term conditions and ageing-related physical and cognitive decline


innovations in retail healthcare, mHealth and mobile payment technology and microinsurance to deliver better care to more people.