Save the date! The Giant Health Event is back in full face-to-face mode!

If you are involved in healthcare in any shape or form, then the 6th and 7Th of December 2022 are dates you cannot afford to miss!

Giant Health returns full force to bring you four exciting shows in our traditional face-to-face format that showcase today's hottest trends in health care innovation and bring you closer to the people you want to meet. 

The event is held in one of the most innovative European cities, London. It is the intersectional space for innovators, healthcare leaders and investors to meet, engage, partner and learn from each other. The event is structured to break silos and barriers, and aside from the many experts speaking at the event, you will have many opportunities for productive networking.

The pandemic catalysed the pace of the digital transformation of the global healthcare space. Today,  advances in computer processing power make it possible to produce leaps in innovation that will no doubt change the health care landscape in ways many of us can still only imagine.  

Keeping abreast of the trends – present and future - is a must. There is no better place to do this than at the Giant Health festival! 

Giant Health’s vision is to improve the health and well-being of people worldwide by promoting healthcare innovation and supporting health-tech entrepreneurs. To this end, the Giant Health annual festival showcases the most cutting-edge health care innovations, merging present and future, and brings vital sector leaders and players together under the same roof. 

So what’s in store for you this year?

The Future Hospital Show

Hospitals and their ability to function and meet increased demand throughout the continuum of care have been seriously tested in the last couple of years. Hospitals and their staff have saved unprecedented numbers of lives, despite the unprecedented pressure and uncertainty. 

Inevitably, cracks appeared in the system. How could they not?

However, as in any crisis, innovation plays a crucial role in resolving issues, both large and small, and the future transformational blueprint for how hospitals will operate holds much promise. 

At this year’s Giant Health event, The Future Hospital Show track is dedicated to innovation in hospital care. In this track, you will be able to visualise the hospitals of the future. 

You will get insights into the long-term programme of change that will ensure healthcare services are fit for the future. It is a plan that will fundamentally transform how care is delivered, improving lives across the NHS through investment in integrated clinical services, digital assets, and other transformations.


The Mental Health Show

The pandemic highlighted a much-neglected area – that of Mental Health – where change and innovation have lagged for a long time, and access was patchy.  Since then,  we have witnessed a surge in digital solutions innovation in the mental health field and increased readiness to adopt them. However, we are merely on the cusp of seeing the full range of technological solutions with the potential to meet needs at scale. Digital solutions hold the key to opening the door to access to quality mental health care for vast swathes of the population.

Giant Health’s Mental Health Show will bring together some of the world’s leading experts, providers and innovators in technologies used to diagnose and treat different mental health conditions. 

The Digital Pharma Show

The recent innovations in vaccines and drug therapies in the pharmaceutical industry are no small thing, so a health care innovation event cannot be held without the presence of the leaders in pharmaceutical innovation. 

This year’s Digital Pharma Show will bring together global pharmaceutical corporations, tech innovators, life science and med-tech investors, established SMEs, healthcare leaders and staff, and key government health officials. 

This coming together creates the perfect setting to generate productive business collaborations, promote entrepreneurial and innovator visibility, and accelerate digital adoption geared to improved health outcomes. 

In attendance will be world-leading experts in some of health techs' most innovative fields: Remote Patient Monitoring, Digital Therapeutics (DTx), decentralised clinical trials, AI in drug therapy and applications of Virtual Reality in health care.

A key area of discussion will be how global pharmaceutical companies can leverage digital innovations to maximise the conditions for optimal outcomes.

The UK National ICS Congress

Last but not least, the Giant Health event will host the new Integrated Care Systems UK National Congress; a central assembly of all ICS leaders and stakeholders that provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone involved in healthcare in the UK to meet the Integrated Care Systems leaders and experts who will lead the dramatic and profound changes and innovation to come in the UK health sector. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

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