Agenda for half-day conference on ‘How to sell into the UK Market?'

Announcing topics of a conference on ‘How to sell into the UK Market?' at GIANT 2020

Background about the UK economy |What are new opportunities to sell in the UK because of Brexit? Manage your business in the most efficient way under Brexit.

Fit For Market | have you done your market research? Who are your significant competitors? How does your product or service perform and demonstrate value versus theirs? Do you have any quantified comparison data? How have you arrived at your price model? Has it been tested? You will need to address and consider all of these elements in order to assure yourself that you are ‘fit for market

Compliant & Certified | do you know the full scale of regulatory requirements which you will need to demonstrate compliance with? Are you compliant? How have you reached this conclusion? If you are undertaking regulatory work at present, what is your estimated timescale?

Critical Friend |how will you properly and convincingly demonstrate the merits of your product in the UK? Who might you approach to carry out evaluation? Why choose them? What critical market requirements are you looking to evaluate your product against? If necessary, how will you seek ethics approval? What timescale have you estimated for this?

Make it Easy To Buy | why do you expect the NHS to buy your product? What is the basis of your business case? Have you designed a business case? What are the steps to procurement for your particular technology? How might you help your potential customers to achieve them?

Distribution Delight | how will you manufacture, stock, sell and deliver your product to your customers? Should you set up a UK subsidiary and sell direct or appoint a distributor? What are your expectations for a distributor? Are they realistic? How do you know? Are your margins fit for purpose? How will you evaluate demand and sales success?

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