Updated Agenda for Half-day conference on ‘How to sell into the UK Market’ | GIANT’s Inbound Trade Mission programme

We're glad to announce an agenda for the half-day conference on ‘How to sell into the UK Market’.
A sample of priority topics  which will be disclosed at GIANT 2020: 

Background about the UK economy | What are new opportunities to sell in the UK because of Brexit? Manage your business in the most efficient way under Brexit.

Fit For Market | have you done your market research? Who are your significant competitors? How does your product or service performance and demonstrate value versus theirs? Do you have any quantified comparison data? How have you arrived at your price model? Has it been tested? You will need to address and consider all of these elements in order to assure yourself that you are ‘fit for market

Wish to participate in 'Inbound Trade Mission' programme? 

Please contact Olga@GIANT.health | Leader of the GIANT Inbound Trade Mission Programme
Olga will be able to give the necessary assistance.

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