Five Women Rocking The Forbes 30U30 Healthcare 2022

The five women below are making big change in U.S. healthcare, all before the age of 30.

1. KidsX Accelerator Lead, Dana Le, 27

Le was on the founding team of KidsX, a group of more than 40 children’s hospitals and digital health companies around the globe all working on pediatric innovation. These organizations have each agreed to pilot at least one startup each year to expedite the transformation of pediatric care. The accelerator uses a unique reverse pitch model, where they define the problems they are looking to solve in the coming year. 2022’s focus is on four categories: Mental Health, Care Coordination & Adherence, Workflow Automation, and Chronic Condition Management & Patient Reported Outcomes.

2. Leda Health Founder & CEO, Madison Campbell, 26

Campbell and her cofounder, CTO Liesel Vaidya, 27, learned that 77% of sexual assaults are not reported and that there are not enough nurse examiners in the U.S. for this purpose. They seek to insert modern technology into the forensic evidence collection process with tools such as self-administered DNA collection, while providing assault survivors with a community and professional help.

3. MiResource Cofounder and CEO, Mackenzie Drazan, 26

Drazan and her cofounder, Gabriela Asturias, 26, created MiResource to focus on helping adolescents find the right mental health resources. To do this, they’ve created a referral management software product for providers to find appropriate behavioral health care for their patients. The startup raised $3M in seed funding in 2021 and has active partnerships with university and college counseling centers.

4. MIT Media Lab Researcher, Shriya Srinivasan, 27

The Media Lab is the place at MIT where the literal future is happening now. Srinivasan is a recent alum of the famed Lab’s Biomechatronics research group and is currently working on technology that will enable patients to control and even “feel” sensation through their prosthetic limb. There are currently 30 amputation patients using her surgical designs.

5. Centivax Cofounder and Chief Business Officer, Stephanie Wisner, 27

Centivax is a biotech startup aiming to eradicate the remaining complex pathogens of the 21st century using immunoengineering. This includes COVID-19, MRSA, the flu, and other infectious diseases. The company has a clinical trial partnership with the U.S. Navy. Holding degrees from Cornell and Chicago Booth, Wisner leads finance and operations for the company.

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