FREE! Invitation to Wellness & Energy Increase & DOMS Reduction Technique

FREE! Invitation to Wellness & Energy Increase & DOMS Reduction Technique

Invitation to Participate in Wellness Energy DOMS Study - KEEP FIT KINGDOM

Ah wellness! How has yours been during the pandemic? In response to the current health, well-being, stress and anxiety challenges, the Keep Fit Kingdom team have developed a short, exciting wellness test study. Our hope is to inspire and encourage people to take care of their health using a simple, practical, step by step method, with lesser reliance on prescription drugs, medicines and overburdened health care services.

This short study is also ideal for those who are involved regular exercise that may cause DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) for 24-48 hours post exercise. However, even if you are not engaged in much physical activity you are welcome and encouraged to participate as there are numerous other benefits to be gained.

The main benefits are:

The study is for 10 minutes per day for 7 days only.

The feedback we have been receiving so far from those using the method has been unanimously positive. Here is an example:

“Every time I used the technique, I found it was almost impossible to feel any negative emotions or let negative thoughts enter my head. This was the main benefit of the exercise for me.” — A.R. (UK)

“A month ago, I was invited me to try out this breath-work for a week. I did and totally fell in love with the result and benefits. This practice helps me clear my mind, and eliminate the constant chatter of the subconscious mind, bringing me conscious health, happiness, focus and purpose. Please give it a try. I immediately felt better spiritual connectivity, awareness and energy flow after my first try. I hope you will too.”  — M.F. (IDN)

“I don’t feel a need to eat meat like before, I’m also less peckish after dinner, and don’t feel the need to snack or munch. I also experience that it’s easier to fall asleep, have deeper sleep, and better dreams. I used to need to nap during the day, and now I don’t feel such a need.” — T.S. (NL)

If you would like to experience some or all of the above, please join us by filling in this Google Form and our team shall email you the next step, which is the simple method we have developed.

After 7 days, we will have a feedback session to assess your results, and you will be free to use the method as long as you would like to benefit from it.

If you have any questions about the study, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email: or

How have you been handling your wellness during the stresses of the pandemic, lockdown, and now its gradual release? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

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