BlackRock launches two themed equity funds

Investors should benefit from two major long-term trends with BlackRock's two new equity funds: the BGF Next Generation Health Care Fund, which focuses on the next generation of healthcare companies, and the BGF Future Consumer Fund, which focuses on the future of consumption.

BlackRock has introduced two new actively managed strategies on the BlackRock Global Funds (BGF) platform. The BGF Next Generation Health Care Fund and the BGF Future Consumer Fund invest in topics that should benefit from long-term trends. Both strategies incorporate environmental and social criteria as well as corporate governance (ESG) and sustainability criteria into their investment processes. Both equity funds invest independently of benchmark indices and aim to outperform the global equity index MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI) over the long term.

The next generation of healthcare companies

The BGF Next Generation Health Care Fund offers a diversified portfolio that provides nationwide access to next-generation healthcare companies. BlackRock expects these companies to drive growth and innovation by developing solutions to our most pressing health challenges. The fund's goal is to maximize the total return. To do this, it addresses new and emerging topics in areas such as genetic medicine, next generation diagnostics, immunotherapy, robot-assisted operations, biosensors and trackers, medical applications of artificial intelligence and telemedicine. The focus of the healthcare sector is on mega and large-cap companies. In contrast, the fund seeks differentiated access to capture growth opportunities across the spectrum of market capitalization - including small, medium and very small companies. It also wants to take an active part in Initial public offering (IPOs).

Wanted to benefit from the change in consumption

The BGF Future Consumer Fund is a concentrated portfolio of high conviction stocks. It invests in companies that are driving the global transformation of the consumer ecosystem. The fund aims to benefit from the ongoing generational change in consumer spending. To do this, it is investing in companies that are at the forefront of this disruptive development. At the same time, it is intended to use a wide range of influential topics that affect consumers, such as changes in consumption patterns, advancements in the entertainment segment and developments relating to personal wellbeing. Sustainability and the impact on the climate are the focus of the consumer industry. In addition, the fund also targets companies that reduce their carbon intensity within the consumer ecosystem over time. The BGF Future Consumer Fund is classified as an Article 8 fund according to the EU Disclosure initiative.


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