Mobiklinic is an organization that uses a fusion of digital and physical
interventions to increase access to health care for all , especially last mile
health delivery in Uganda. Mobiklinic leverages on deploying trained
community members as Community Health Providers (CHPs) who offer
affordable home based health care in last mile villages and in case of need
for consultation, these community health workers use the mobiklinic digital
platform/ app to interface with senior medics thus creating a digital safety
net that ensures quality of services. It also offers an integrated referral
system. The app also enables scalable knowledge transfer to community
health workers. This makes access to healthcare decentralized and
kdemocratized. This solution is saving thousands of lives and has potential to
improve health access for millions of people in Uganda and sub Saharan

Mobiklinic was selected as the best health care access idea globally in March
2019 by Norvatis international /Sandoz Hack, beating over 600 entries across
the globe and thereafter it rolled out. It was selected as innovation of the
year 2020 by CEO summit of Uganda. Mobiklinic has since collaborated with
the Belgian Get involved volunteer agency, Clarke university uganda in
community outreach and most recently George Mason University of Virginia
under emergent ventures. It has previously been supported by the US
Embassy Uganda & D Prize.
- currently working on a biometrics partnership with UK based Simprints to
improve patient identification and data records in last mile health delivery.
Mobiklinic exists to revolutionize/ ease access to health-care in Uganda
and globally with a primary focus on last-mile areas in developing


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