Top 10 Startups HealthInc 2021 Announced

The top 10 finally emerged! From a pool of more than 3500 fantastic healthtech startups HealthInc interacted with, they have finally selected the top 10 to join HealthInc 2021 program during their Selection Day on 28th January 2021. 

  • Afya Bora (Tanzania): A data-driven medical appointment scheduling platform and marketplace.

  • Amygdala Health (Estonia): A digital health program that helps you build healthy habits.

  • BioMinds (Poland): A new way for neurological rehabilitation.

  • Phamo (Cyprus): A pharmacy platform to match patients with compatible pharmacy goods.

  • Enhanced Fertility (UK): A digital program making fertility education, support and care accessible to all.

  • Kapsule (UK): A managed marketplace to revolutionize African medical supply chains.

  • Luci Health (Spain): A disruptive application platform through voice, which detects early-stage dementia markers and increases the patient’s longevity and quality of life.

  • Martixa (US): The Axela for healthcare.

  • ShareMed (Chile): A global and exclusive platform for health professionals to exchange knowledge in real-time.

  • Superpow (UK): An online platform where users can connect with a therapist who can help them overcome mental wellbeing challenges.

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