CAREMARQ is a health tech company based out of Mumbai, (India) and aims to connect the fragmented medical community with thousands of patients across the country

CareMarq has made information more accessible by creating a platform that allows doctors/practitioners/counsellors to list their services and manage patient interactions and provides consultation for patients, mainly for booking and video meetings/e-presecription with doctors and maintaining a consistent medical history.

They have made CareMarq as a product for doctors to easily organize their appointments, track past medical records and provide e-prescriptions. The platform enabled doctors to save valuable time, establish their presence or grow their clinical practices and engage more meaningfully in realtime.

They provide multitude of products and services for chronic health related diseases/disorders for consumers to enjoy on this platform.( E- prescription, symptoms checker, at home lab testing, follow ups, Physiotherapy) caremarq reduces the search and transaction costs for patients and helps users find the right doctors through easily accessible and contextually relevant listings.

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