What is Hospify?

Ill-served by inefficient, out-dated communication, over 600,000 NHS professionals are currently using consumer messaging services like WhatsApp to supplement communication. But the arrival of GDPR regulations in May 2018 rendered healthcare institutions whose employees use these consumer tools to handle patient identifiable data liable for fines of up to 4% of their annual turnover.

Hospify is a GDPR and NHS IG-compliant messaging service designed to remove this liability both in the UK and in Europe. Available for free in the Apple and Android app stores, Hospify puts a simple, affordable solution directly into the hands of healthcare professionals and patients. In short, Hospify is a compliant, trusted healthcare messaging app that anyone can use.

The free version of Hospify is available right now, and pilots are already taking place at multiple sites around the country including Birmingham Community NHS Trust, Lincolnshire Community NHS Trust, and University Hospitals North Midlands. Hospify is also backed by Innovate UK, Wayra Velocity Health (in partnership with Telefonica and MSD), and the Unison and Managers in Partnership Unions.

A premium version of Hospify specifically designed for healthcare teams is also now available. Called the Hospify Hub, it features an online admin portal for onboarding teams, a desktop app that syncs with users’ phones, broadcast messaging and a survey and data collection tool.

Together, the Hospify App & Hub combine the best of consumer tools like WhatsApp, LinkedIn and Slack, in a manner that’s appropriate for use in health.

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