Joyance Partners is a global early-stage venture capital partnership

As the first venture fund centered on delightful moments — the small quanta of time that bring greater joy, confidence, calm, control, and absence of anxiety or pain — Joyance works actively with universities, government organizations, accelerators, angel networks, and venture funds to uncover Europe's future powerhouses at driving the transformation of individual health and happiness.

Founded in 2016, Joyance has a global portfolio of 300+ companies, 19 of which are based in Europe. Joyance recently announced the expansion of its European team and eight new investments in highly innovative health-tech companies so far this year. In a time when the world needs it most, Joyance is proud to continue to support the entrepreneurial spirit contributing to the health and happiness of each and every individual.

You can learn more about the remarkable companies Joyance supports and why they are rising during the economic recession here, and by listening to the Inception podcast, featuring startups like Volumetric, which builds 3D printers that can create human tissue. 

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