Blockchain in Healthcare: who's in and what's next?

22 November 2018

Blockchain is being touted by many as one of the impending saviours of healthcare, as a key component of the much vaunted Transformation of Care. By others it's seen as flawed and impractical to adopt, a solution for tomorrow not today.

This one-day conference track will present the views and knowledge of the leaders at the frontline of blockchain development in healthcare; the big builders, those with successfully deployed blockchain solutions and ICOs in the areas of records, security, supply chain, pharma and consumer engagement; and the legal and regulatory experts; and of course some of the 'new kids on the block'.

If you're in healthcare and are wondering what all the fuss is about, this is the conference for you.            

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09:30 Simon Hooper
CEO, RemindMeCare
Tina Fotherby
Founder, Famous Publicity

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The Emergence of Blockchain in Healthcare
The Blockchain Experience
09:40 Corina Motoi
Solutions Architect - UK&I Public Sector, AWS
AWS and the New Blockchain
10:00 Dr Robert Learney
Lead Technologist, Blockchain, Digital Catapult
Medical Data Management and Blockchain
10:20 Alan C Thurlow
How to Make Blockchain Real
10:40 Max Barawitzka
Innovation Manager McCann Health Italy
Blockchain in Italy; A Healthcare Panacea?
11:00 BREAK
11:10 Mark Taylor
Partner, Osborne Clark LLP
The Legal and Regulatory Issues
11:30 Kevin Bailey
Director of GTM Strategy, Gospel Technology
Breathe Life, Trust and Confidence into Your Data
11:50 David Lockie
Founder, Pragmatic, Dcent
Blockchain Projects and Trends in the Healthcare Space
12:10 Andrew Adcock
Chief Marketing Officer, Crowd for Angels
Transparency and Funding: Using Clarity through Blockchain to Drive Investment for the Healthcare Industry
12:30 Raja Sharif
CEO, Farmatrust
Securing the Pharma Supply Chain
12:50 Panel of the Session's Speakers
13:10 LUNCH
14:10 Dr Navin Ramachandran
Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers: Is There Really a Role in Healthcare?
14:30 Alexandra Eavis
CEO, Dovetail Lab
Distributing Patient Data: The Role of Blockchain in the Future of Healthcare
14:50 Dr Amina Albeyatti
Head of Business Development, Medicalchain

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Medicalchain and its Application in our Healthcare
15:10 Zain Rana
CEO, Pharmeum

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Solving Prescribing and Medication Inefficiencies using Blockchain
15:30 Panel of the Session's Speakers
15:40 BREAK
15:50 Ahmed Abdulla
CEO, Digipharm

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Value-based Healthcare using Blockchain Technology
16:10 Hari Ponniah
Founder and CEO, AHA Health

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Explore the Potential of Patient Data Ownership using Blockchain The Tokenisation of Healthcare
16:30 Karen Taylor
Director, Delolitte Centre for Health Solutions
The Evolution and Impact of Blockchain and other Technologies on Healthcare
16:50 Panel of the Session's Speakers
17:00 Simon Hooper
CEO, RemindMeCare
Conclusion: The Next 12 months in Healthcare
17:10 End of Track