Beanstalks 2019

BEANSTALKS™ at the GIANT Health Event is an international “competition for prizes” for health and care tech start-ups. Early-stage businesses who enter, gain exposure to a huge and diverse audience across the whole Health, technology and business ecosystem.

Beanstalks Award Categories

  • Advanced Diagnostics & Therapies
  • Breakthrough Medical or Healthcare Device
  • Addressing Health Inequalities
  • Best Co-Creation with Patients and / or Healthcare Workers
  • Intercepting Disease and Improving Healthspan

Overall Awards by business stage

Pollen: working prototype, user testing stage
Bean: Ready for paying users or patient trial
Sprout: Proven pilot/ trial and ready to scale

And the World Healthcare Journal Global Start-up 2019

Head of Beanstalks

Andrew Liubinas

Andrew runs GIANT Health's Beanstalks competition. Prior to this, he worked in banking for nine years across Australia and the UK.
He is CFA qualified and holds a MSc Artificial Intelligence from the University of St Andrews.

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Beanstalks Winners 2019

Connido Ltd
Easee Online

Judges of Beanstalks 2019

Jon  Williams
Stephen  Docherty
Prof Elena  Lurie-Luke
Steve  Gardne
Dr Dina  Radenkovic

Beanstalks Applicants 2019

First Name Surname Company
Roeland Pater Nori Health
Vasu Sarin Tab Care Limited
Emma Selby WYSA
Sam Shaker Apprise Medical
Diane Lanigan UcontrolHealth
Mehak Chowdhary MoniCa Health Technologies
Neil Aitken The Wayback
Lucy Wills Globefox Health
Molvia Maddox Melting Icecubes
Emma Selby Digital Mentality
Matthew Steans Stigma Statistics
Sigvards Krongorns CastPrint
Fabian Ouwehand LivelyCare OÜ
Mark Punyanitya PhenoMx, Inc.
Kelvin Summoogum miiCare
Dr. John Reeves conversationHEALTH
Dr Rachel Wilson Dare to be Purple Ltd
Dr Jan F Kischkat Quantune Technologies
Dr. Nestor Inimgba Infodemics
Dr. Sandeshkumar Lakkol
Dr FaiI Ong GyroGear
Siva Nadarajah JOGO Health Inc.
Deepti Atrish Poonyah Care Ltd
Sarah Swain Doctify
Lukasz Krasnopolski Horizen
Dr George Frodsham MediSieve Limited
Charles Palmer Acute Technology Limited
Neil Stentiford SOE Health Ltd
Yael Misrahi MobileODT
Dr Rayna Patel Vine Health
Aymeric Teulon Inavya Ventures Ltd
Virginia Cerrone pureeros
June Dawson Praxis Workwell Ltd
Paurav Chudasama FoodSay
Deepti Atrish Poonyah Care Ltd
Asim Amin Healing Clouds
George Winfield SPYRAS
Dr Sheila Popert ImmersiVe Relief
Ella Antwi-Ticehurst IPD Healthcare Ltd
Chandreyi Saha Umano AI
Jasveer Matharu Elara Care
Dr Katia Nazmutdinova Encelo Labs
Dr. Soumyadip Rakshit MysteryVibe
Laurence Girard Fruitstreet
Caroline Noublanche APRICITY
Dr Nichola Conlon Nuchido Ltd
Dr Chris Ullman XenoVida Ltd
Dr Pal Bhusate Kinseed Ltd
Dr Harry Baxter Daye
George Taktak Feeliom
Andrew Cowen The Future Care (UK) Ltd
Boleslaw Kurczab Medspruce Ltd
Francois Paillier CircaGene
Emma Beswick Lifecode Gx
Yves Prevoo Easee
Alexander Padhaiski The Parallel
Romi Mathew Connido Ltd
Michael Morgan-Curran MyCognition Ltd
Bunsi Keshav Transformative AI
Kelly Tham BFB-labs
Josh Hough CareLineLive
Patricia López Trabajo MYHIXEL
Ben Carrington Ctrl Group
Dr Kit Latham drfocused
James Baker YuLife
Alex Templeton Qured