Beanstalks 2016

Beanstalks Winners 2016

Mike Pallett
Joanna Gould
Cupris Health Ltd
Category: Sprout
Category: Seedling
Category: Pollen
The management team is led by Jeff Valk, Chief Executive Officer, a seasoned leader of highly technical organizations, and a hardware and software engineer specializing in design of adaptive systems. Research and clinical operations are headed by Dr. Tim Valk, Chief Scientist, a board certified endocrinologist, researcher, and former professor with over 25 years in clinical practice. Cupris was founded by Jules Hamann , a Consultant ENT Surgeon, and Paul Thomas , an award-winning designer and entrepreneur, to develop medical devices that exploit smartphone technology to improve healthcare communication. Jules felt that a significant proportion of the patients he saw in clinic could be cared for without coming to see him in person. VisusNano Ltd. is a privately held pre-clinical company developing a drug-eluting intraocular lens implant, for use in patients undergoing cataract surgery. By improving patient outcomes, obviating the need for eye drops after surgery, and avoiding the need for laser treatment after surgery, our project has the potential to revolutionise cataract surgery in both the human and veterinary markets.

Finalists of Beanstalks 2016

Name Company Category
Dinesh Koka Onward Health Pollen
Renato CortiCare Pollen
Evaline Tsai OneTest Diagnostics Pollen
Kitty C. Liao IDEABATIC Pollen
Denis Huen MedEXO Robotics Pollen
Beto Peliks Sontina Medical Seedling
Mike Pallett Cupris Health Ltd Seedling
Michael Tu Voyant Seedling
Olivier van den Biggelaar Avalon AI Seedling
Yashar Ganjeh IntuiTap Medical Seedling
Gina Dorodvand PlaqueChecker Sprout
Glenn Admetsys Sprout
lum ramabaja SmartScope Pollen
Joanna Gould VisusNano Pollen

Judges of Beanstalks 2016

Mark Davies

Carina Healy

Dr Odeh Odeh

Chairman at Grovelands
Commercial and IP Consultant at CMS Law
Senior Implementation Coach at McKinsey & Company
Mark Davies has a career that spans more than 29 years. After graduating from the University of Leicester, Mark joined the Prudential graduate programme before joining Deloitte where he served as a Partner for 10 years and was responsible creating a number of business units including the FS Regulatory Consulting practice, an outsourcing business and the International Financial Centres advisory practice. In 2009 Mark co-founded Grovelands, seeing a better way to serve customers and professionals in the consulting, interim, staffing and recruitment business. Mark has successfully grown Grovelands into a business trusted by its clients to deliver complex projects and a Grovelands team of over 300 professionals today. Mark understands the pressures and challenges of start-ups having been an entrepreneur himself.

Recognised as “a big name in biotech and life sciences” (Chambers). Carina is partner in our Technology Non-Contentious team with over 20 years experience advising on Commercial and IP related transactions. She specialises in lifesciences, with a special interest in ehealth, and acts for a range of biotech, speciality pharma, medical device and medical technology companies. Carina regularly advises on large, complex and strategically important IP and commercial arrangements, including technology development collaborations. She is known for being commercial and pragmatic in finding ways to help her clients and their partners achieve outcomes which are beneficial for both parties.

After graduating from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dr. Odeh pursued a career in Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgery. In 2016, Odeh was awarded an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business with an emphasis in entrepreneurial strategy & marketing. He’s currently working with the University of Birmingham on developing new surgical instruments and is a mentor to a number of startups. He is also Director of Beanstalks at GIANT.
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Beanstalks Participants 2016

Name Company Category
Eric Marcoullier Constant Companions Seedling
Caroline Owen Jones Balance4Good Ltd is the parent company for Nymbl Science Seedling
  Dignity Canopy Seedling
Jim Gray DASHmed Ltd Seedling
Xavier Bernal Findoc Seedling
Hazel Maxwell FITTLE Seedling
Chris Whittle MyMed Seedling
Susan Frost Hip Buddy Ltd Seedling
Mike Hess eyeBot, LLC Seedling
Abraham Peled Brain Profiler Seedling
Dr David Frost Santana Natural Language Analytics Seedling
Dennis Breuer nevisQ UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Seedling
Aliza Resnick Bansen Labs Seedling
Abdulrahman El-Hilly Quit Genius (Digital Therapeutics Ltd) Seedling
Ash Kalraiya MediShout Ltd Seedling
Bhavagaya Bakshi Project Medicine Seedling
Stuart Macnaghten Cairn Solutions Ltd Seedling
Alex Marchetti appliedVR Sprout
Dr Matt Wilson United Medicine Ltd Sprout
Al Wickheim Prodaptive Medical Innovations Ltd. Sprout
Dr Sandeep Bansal Medic Creations Sprout
Erik Carver StandLogix, Inc Sprout
Soumyadip Rakshit MysteryVibe Sprout
Georgina Orso Team Turquoise Ltd (Trading as doppel) Sprout
Alastair Clark iamYiam Sprout
Ulrike Eder drie secure systems Sprout
Guillaume De Zwirek WELL Sprout
Theresa Szczurek Radish Systems, LLC Sprout
David Carson MedApp Limited Sprout
Eleanor Burgess Dr Focused Sprout
Lauri-Ann Van der Poel FoodMaestro Sprout
Lia Schoepke incentaHEALTH Sprout
Dinesh Koka
Evaline Tsai
Michael Willis MedAware Systems, Inc. Pollen
Eric Yamga ADITUM Pollen
Rohit Modi Triaksha Seedling
Elin Haf Davies Aparito Seedling
Dafydd Loughran Concentric Seedling
Emma Beswick Ingeneius Health Ltd Sprout
DR Tanweer Ahmed Chaudhary CMH DIAGONESTIC CENTRE, JHELUM Pollen
Kitty C. Liao
Denis Huen
MedEXO Robotics
Lauren Page Aulm Pollen
Chongsu Lee Pacla Medical Limited Seedling
Sam Barke Return2Play Seedling
Lise Pape Walk With Path Limited Seedling
Rachel Norvell CereScan Corp. Seedling
Patrick Leonard Listen.MD Seedling
Zac Silk DocSnap LTD Seedling
Said Bijary FiatLUX Seedling
Nickson Nyakambi Mito mHealth Solutions Seedling
Dr. Marion Vollmer Baby Home Kit Seedling
Beto Peliks
Mike Pallett
Cupris Health Ltd
Michael Tu
Olivier van den Biggelaar
Yashar Ganjeh
Nadine Haram PROXIMIE Seedling
Nigel Kellow Liquid Healthcare Seedling
Stephanie Eltz Doctify Sprout
Martin Gossling 270 Vidion Ltd Sprout
Keren Sela LIFEGRAPH Sprout
Michael Larson Sleep Shepherd LLC Sprout
Gina Dorodvand
hamish grierson Thriva Sprout
Lavinia omixy Sprout
Sombit Mishra QMedic Sprout
Dr Natalie Shenker The Hearts Milk Bank CIC Sprout
Vassilios Hurmusiadis Epicardio Ltd Seedling
lum ramabaja
Dhruvin Patel Ocushield LTD Sprout
Avril Copeland TickerFit Seedling
William Gao Suvera Sprout
Elias Madbak   Pollen
Avinash Kodey MDOps Corporation Seedling
Ben Walker Invivo Systems Sprout
Christopher Bristow BetterPoints Ltd Seedling
Xinyang Tan
Joanna Gould
Elodie Draperi GiveVision Seedling
Maxim Rossmann Cambridge Oncometrix Pollen
Katerina Spranger Oxford Heartbeat Sprout
Damian   Pollen
Dafydd Loughran Concentric Pollen
Jose Bastos knok healthcare Sprout
Alex Guest Zingy Life Sprout
Dr Dexter Penn Kalgera Pollen
Matthew Pendleton wardWatch Pollen
Serban Mogos Eyeware Sprout
Martin Vowles Plexus Sprout
Axel Sylvan myrecovery Sprout
Maggie Galloway Inscope Sprout
Thomas Tredinnick Ally Smart Care Seedling
Anant Jani Lateral Imaging Seedling
Enrico Giuliani Neuro Guard Sprout
Alexandro Guazzi Sentimoto Seedling
Cassandra Baiano GPDQ Sprout
Romi Mathew Connido Seedling
Tobi Obisanya Numa Seedling