1 in 6 couples globally are affected by infertility – understand more about, fertility health, tech & investment

About the curator

The Fertility Show is the UK’s only dedicated event for fertility patients running annually in London. It attracts over 100 exhibitors and 3,500 visitors and has proudly helped 1000’s of people make informed and positive decisions about the next steps on their journey.  The show supports the charity, Fertility Network UK having donated in excess of £250,000 to support this much needed support network for patients.

We are delighted to have the opportunity to present talks from a selection of our leading tech start-up exhibitors with exciting fertility technology including understanding fertility health, assisting embryo selection and donor selection and why the Fertility market is an interesting health area to invest in.  We are also delighted to have an introduction from Prof Joyce Harper who will share insights on the significance of understanding our fertility. 



9:25 - Jessica Hepburn Intro
9:30 - Joyce Harper -"The use of tech in fertility and infertility" 
9:50 - Jessica Hepburn joins Live for Q&A with Joyce
10:00 - Andrea Trigo - "A digitial approach to improving fertility" 
10:20 - Jessica joins live Q&A with Andrea
10:30 - Michellle Perugini - “State of the ART- How AI is impacting fertility outcomes globally”
10:50 - Jessica joins live Q&A with Michelle Perugini
11:00 -  Josh Rackstraw - "AI phenotype matching for IVF patients and donors"
11:20 - Jessica joins live Q&A with Josh Rackstraw
11:30 - Uzma Choudry 
11:45 - Jessica joins live for Q&A