The National NHS Hospital Procurement

The National NHS Hospital Procurement show

For leaders, innovators and change-makers in this industry
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WHAT is procurment?

With procurement being undoubtedly at the forefront of NHS priorities, especially following the additional budget made available from the 2020 Spend Review, there is incredible potential for investment and disruption within this enormous sector.

Following the countless challenges we have faced in the past few years, numerous proposals have emerged recently, including the green paper entitled "Transforming Public Procurement" and the white paper "Integration and innovation: working together to improve health and social care for all", to improve the efficiency of the procurement process whilst promoting opportunities for innovation.

Who is this conference for?

We are dedicating this conference to help connect the Supply Chain leaders from across the healthcare system with both new and existing innovative suppliers.

If you wish to gain unique insights into industry best practices, connect with fellow leaders, and stay current as this sector undergoes unprecedented changes, this conference is for you.

why should i attend this conference?

As budgets expand and regulations transform, this £70 billion sector is facing a new wave of innovation and disruption.

By uniting Supply Chain leaders with private providers, we present the former with an expertly curated showcase of innovative solutions to their problems, and the latter with the undivided attention of buyers and investors alike.