BEANSTALKS™ at the GIANT Health Event is an international “competition for prizes” for health care tech start-ups. Early-stage businesses who enter, gain exposure to a huge and diverse audience across the whole Health, technology and business ecosystem.

Beanstalks Award Categories 2020

  • Ageing: Addressing the needs of ageing population
  • Women’s Health: Healthcare technologies to improve women’s health
  • Mental Health: Recovering and maintaining Mental well-being
  • Immersive technology: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) applications in healthcare
  • Wearables: Wearable technology and digital monitoring of patients
  • Parkinson’s disease: Early diagnosis and treatments of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Inclusion: Supporting Female and BAME entrepreneurs
  • Health Inequalities: Overcoming the postcode lottery
  • Covid-19: Containing and conquering a global health threat
  • Promoting healthy lifestyle behavior: Obesity, Smoking, Alcohol abuse

Overall Awards by business stage

Pollen: working prototype, user testing stage
Bean: Ready for paying users or patient trial
Sprout: Proven pilot/ trial and ready to scale

And the World Healthcare Journal Global Start-up 2020

2020 winners

Have a look at who is changing our future

Kepler Vision Technologies
Critical Healthcare Information Integration Network (CHIIN)

2020 Judges

Katerina Pascoulis
Adam Shaw
Simon Hooper
Pilar Fernandez Hermida
Lorena Macnaughtan

Beanstalks Applicants 2020

First Name Last Name Company
Harro  Stokman Kepler Vision Technologies
Alessandro Monterosso PatchAI
Feyisayo Eweje Critical Healthcare Information Integration Network (CHIIN)
Annemarie  Kruijer Easee
Abdullahi  Raheem Scillafield Solutions
Victoria  Godfrey
Lucy Wills Globefox Health
Christian Kind NevisQ GmbH
David Kuraguntla Alio
Molvia Maddox Melting IceCubes